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Top 100 Adverts of All Time
Pos Advert Notes
1 Guinness Horses and surfers
2 Smash Martians
3 Tango Orange man
4 Electric Central Heating Creature Comforts
5 Boddingtons Melanie Sykes - ice cream
6 Levis Launderette/Nick Kamen
7 R-Whites Secret Lemonade Drinker
8 Hamlet Baldy man in photo booth
9 Walkers Gary Lineker
10 Impulse Acting on...first gay ad
11 Cinzano Leonard Rossiter/Joan Collins
12 Renault Clio Papa/Nicole
13 Yellow Pages JR Hartley
14 BT Maureen Lipman 'Ology'
15 Nike - Park Life Cantona, Seaman, Ian Wright etc
16 Coca-Cola Teach the World to Sing
17 Carling Black Label Dambusters
18 Shake 'n' Vac Dancing Woman
19 Andrex Puppies
20 Real Coal fires Dog, cat and mouse
21 Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's Party
22 Oxo Family/Katie
23 Cornetto Just One Cornetto
24 PG Tips Mr Shifter
25 Castlemaine A xxxx one - sherry
26 Flake Girl
27 Milky Bar Milky Bar Kid
28 Hovis Boy on Bike
29 Heineken Refreshes (Water in Majorca)
30 Kit Kat Pandas
31 Gold Blend Couple
32 Duracell Rabbit Goes on and on and on...
33 John Smith's Bitter Dog tricks
34 Pepsi lipsmackinthirstquenchin
35 Martini Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
36 Fruit and Nut Frank Muir
37 Turkish Delight Eastern Promise
38 Apple Computers 1984
39 Fosters Paul Hogan/ballet
40 Tetley Teafolk
41 Campari Luton Airport
42 VW Changes - Paula Hamilton
43 Old Spice Surfer
44 Esso Tiger campaign
45 One-to-One Ian Wright/Martin Luther King
46 Milk Humphries About
47 Mates Condoms Chemist Shop
48 Milk Tray Avalanche
49 Heinz Beanz A million housewives every day
50 Stella Artois Flowers
51 Dulux Digby the dog
52 Homepride Flour Men in Bowler Hats
53 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster
54 Holsten Pils Griff Rhys Jones - black and white
55 Whiskers Nine out of ten cats
56 Fiat Handbuilt by Robots
57 After Eights Dinner Party
58 Hoffmeister Follow the Bear
59 Audi Vorsprung durch technik - villas
60 Rice Krispies Animated snap, crackle and pop
61 Maxell Ears are alright
62 British Airways Face
63 Yorkie Long distance lorry driver
64 Schweppes know who - William Franklyn
65 Fish Fingers Captain Bird's Eye
66 Toshiba Hello Tosh
67 Sony Armchair: Out of Plane
68 British Gas If you see Sid...
69 Dunlop Expect the Unexpected/Venus in Furs
70 Cresta Frothy Man bear
71 Guardian Points of view
72 Fairy Liquid Nanette Newman
73 Murray Mints Too good to hurry mints
74 Lego Kipper - cat and dog animation
75 Mars Workman, work rest and play.
76 British Rail Relax - Black and white Inter City
77 Eggs Go to work on an egg
78 Olympus Cameras Wedding Photographer
79 Remington Victor Kiam
80 Birds Eye Beefburgers Ben and Mary
81 Fruit Gums Don't forget the fruit gums, mum
82 Shell We're going well - Bing Crosby
83 Cointreau French boy and English girl
84 Brut Henry Cooper
85 Courage Best Gercha
86 Nimble Balloon
87 Strand You're never alone with...
88 Double Diamond Works Wonders
89 Chunky Clement Freud
90 Barclaycard Alan Whicker
91 B&H Small Cigars George Cole as spy
92 Gibbs SR 1st TV Ad
93 Timex Beatles lookalikes
94 Parker Pens Penelope Keith
95 Charlie by Revlon
96 Sainsbury's Dennis Healey
97 Clarks Shoes Foot Drawing
98 Meccano Boy in man's world
99 Chum Crufts/top breeders recommend
100 Stork SB Tell the difference

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