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Wotsits Football Stickers
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Anyone have the animated Wotsits advert from 1997 or 98, that features an animated kid called Willy. Advertising about football stickers FREE in bags of Wotsits. Another kid then says: "What stickers?" Willy then says, "To put on your Merlin Football Poster." The kid then takes out a chewed up sticker out of his mouth and says, "Oh no! I've just eaten Alan Shearer!". He then cries and another kid laughs at him and he hits him. And cries again. Willy then walks away and says, "You're so sad!". The ad ends with Willy talking to the viewers saying, "Wotsits get stuck in!".

I also remember another one where Willy is at school, and his teacher tells the kids to bring in something Prehistoric to school tomorrow. Willy then whispers, "Like you!". The teacher asks him what he said. Willy says nervously, "I said I like you sir!". The teacher tells him to get out and Willy runs off. Willy then travels back in time. At school the next day he brings a dinosaur into to school and it eats the teacher's car.

Anyone have any of these ads?