Topic: Looking for 3 Coco Pops adverts

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Looking for 3 Coco Pops adverts
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I'm looking for 3 adverts for Kellogg's Coco Pops featuring Coco the Monkey.

The first one is the very first one from 1963, which is in black and white and Coco looks different.

The second one is from the 80's where Coco first meets Osmelda the Ostrich.

Third one is from the late 90s where Coco climbs up a pyramid.

I saw clips for them in a 1999 Coco Pops advert featuring different ones when Coco Pops become Coco Pops again. Seen the other ones they mentioned, but not them three anywhere. I remember seeing the pyramid one on TV back in '97 I think. Anyone have any of these three?