Topic: What a smelly Advert.. But who are they?

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What a smelly Advert.. But who are they?
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Does anyone remember an advert which appeared a while ago for, I think, Odor-eaters?

The ad was filmed in black and which and was a portrait shot of (mostly) an actress (they used the same advert but with a couple of different actresses). The actress went on about the new boyfriend she had met, and how wonderful he was, and then ended with her getting a really uncomfortable look on her face as they finished with "his feet smell, he'll have to go!".

It made me laugh out loud to see the look on their faces. One of the actresses was also used on the "Arm and Hammer" toothpaste adverts.

1. Does anyone rememeber the advert and was it for Odor-eaters?

2. Does anyone know the name of the actresses used.

3. Does anyone know if the advert is still viewable on the internet?