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True Blood Is Over The Top
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When I first started watching True Blood, I found the series entertaining but oftentimes overly dramatic and a bit obvious with all of the sex, violence, and fanginess. It wasn’t until Season 3 that I began to see that True Blood is a show that knows it’s overly dramatic and obvious. Without spoofing the supernatural genre, the series brings Charlaine Harris’ novels to life while indulging in more sex and violence in any given episode than most TV shows will feature over the course of a season. True Blood is over the top, and that’s where it shines.

Season 3 demonstrates this best, thanks in large part to cast additions: most notably, James Frain as the crazy, possessive vampire Franklin Mott, and Denis O’Hare as Russell, the vampire king of Mississippi. While Franklin is just a bag of crazy, Russell is a vampire who appreciates theatrics, which not only makes him a perfect fit for this story, but gives O’Hare an excuse to steal every scene he’s in.