Topic: Help!! Can't remember the tune or advert

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Help!! Can't remember the tune or advert
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Ok be nice this is my first time

There was this advert a few years back and it was like watching these kids grow up living by the beach (I think) and the guy (once grown up) gows surfing and is attacked by a shark then you see him later with no top on and the massive scar! Ok that's about all I remember tbh! I need to know what the backing music was, I think it was something inside so strong but it just don't sound right please help also does anyone remember the ad where some guy was running and running for ages and there was no one around and then he just ran into a wall? I think that was a Nike ad but not sure x

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Isn't that Labi Siffre - something inside so strong.

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Try the Peugeot 406 advert. The song is True Colours. You can find it on YouTube.