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Shampoo advert
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Hello I've been trying to find an old shampoo advert everywhere on youtube but had no luck, seeing as I can't remember what the name of it was! All I can remember is that when it starts the woman is cracking an egg, and the year 1969 appears, then she's squeezing a lemon (I think) on her head and the date 1971, then something else which I can't recall. I'm hoping this will jog someone's memory, and there may even be a video of it on youtube. Thanks in advance for any help, sorry its not much to go on!

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Yes, I know the one you're talking about, it was often shown on TV in the mid to late 90's, but I'm not sure which shampoo/conditioner it was an advert for. It showed a little girl having her hair washed, first in egg yolk, then in wine, and the voice-over said "I tried everything, but still I wanted more". It might have been Pantene or V05 but I'm not sure.