Topic: Cello music in ad from 1988-1990.

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Cello music in ad from 1988-1990.
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I've been trying to identify an ad (or more specifically the music in the ad) for literally years now but with no luck.

Unfortunately I can't remember the product being advertised but the ad featured a woman walking around a very ornate almost Victorian-style bathroom having stepped out of the bath or shower, so I'm guessing it was for a bath lotion or some type of skin product. It was in very soft focus and the music was a cello piece. That's all I have to go on I'm afraid. I can't even be 100% sure of the year but it was definitely in the range of 1988-1990. I've watched just about every YouTube compilation of '80s adverts that exists but no luck so far.

Does anyone remember this ad?