Topic: 80s advert- mother/boy at swimming pool

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80s advert- mother/boy at swimming pool
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I am looking for an advert from the mid-80s- I'm pretty sure it was about 1986 when I saw this as a kid. It was a pretty strange advert and freaked me out at the time, I thought it may have been a Public Information Film but I have now been told it was an advert for something like Irn Bru or Tizer- apparently part of a series of silly adverts with different things happening. If anyone remembers this or any other adverts from the same series I'd be grateful for any help:

The ad featured a bird's-eye view of a busy outdoor swimming pool, and to the left of the screen there was a mother sat on a chair with a little boy in front of her, and she was unfastening his shirt buttons and talking to him as she did so. (I remember her being slightly overweight with short black hair and wearing a black jumper and trousers. The boy was a typical-looking small kid wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.) Anyway, she was talking while unfastening the boy's shirt, seemed completely normal at this point. (The boy didn't say anything- it was just a long monologue by the mother and the boy just looked straight ahead at her the whole time.) But after a while the mother suddenly changed her voice mid-speech to a funny voice, and continued talking while unfastening the boy's buttons, but in a funny voice (I believe from what one person has told me that she buttoned the shirt back up). The boy didn't react to this at all. Then after another few minutes the mother was just lifted out of her chair by nothing, hung in mid-air for a few seconds still in a sitting position (while screaming out still in a funny voice) then fell into the pool with an enormous splash. Most bizarrely of all, absolutely NO-ONE reacted to this- the swimmers at the pool (there were loads of them) didn't acknowledge a thing, and even the boy didn't react- just stood staring straight ahead at the chair as if the mother was still there.

If this rings a bell for anyone, or anyone remembers what this was advertising, I'd be very grateful for your help!