Topic: "She's seen you naked ..."

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"She's seen you naked ..."
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Posted: 2nd May, 2003 7:23 AM | Reply | Reply with quote
Hello, I don't remember what this ad was selling, but the music I'm looking for is a very cheezy song that starts with the line "She's seen you naked ...". The ad features lots of people singing and dancing. I think it may have been for a deodorant. Can you help?

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Posted: 13th May, 2003 4:34 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
It's an anti-perspirant. Frankly I wouldn't bother buying a product which they are reduced to selling by inventing a condition called "emotional sweat" as if it's a different kind of sweat other anti-perspirants don't handle. But it does make a fun advert.

Undoubtedly the song was composed and recorded in-house.