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Here's a tester or two:
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Now this is my first query, so I don't know how good this forum is in answering with the sufficient answer but I was dying to know what that now famous (in e-Ad world) piano piece in the Sanex skin tells a life story advert was. We all know now, that it is pretty much unavailable even to Winmx and Kazaa... because the peice was written for the advert. Please tell me that I can get the following soundtracks... and what exactly are they?!?!:

Head & Shoulders Menthol - Free travel size bottle (the latest one where the product in enveloped in an ice mould).
*music similar to Tia Lusso's Ils-No Soul, but better!!..

Dove - sensitive something or other.. (very relaxing s/t)

Sensodyme - defend yourself (was the slogan)

Much obliged and thankyou.!