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Artists: A
Artist Profession Description
A Cuckoo Musician
A Girl Named Raye
A Skillz & Krafty Kuts
A-Bomb ft. Rachel Kelly Pop Group
A-ha Pop Group
Aardman Animations
Amanda Abbington Actress Amanda Abbington appeared in Man Stoke Woman and After You've Gone
Russ Abbot Comedian Russ Abbot has won the TVTimes Funniest Man on Television award five times!
Lindsay Abbott
Paula Abbott Actress
ABC Pop Group
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ex-Basketball Player
Joss Ackland Actor
Adam and the Ants Pop Group
Cliff Adams
Helen Adams Big Brother Contestant
Oleta Adams Singer
Tom Adams Actor Tom Adams has appeared in such extremes as John Ross in Remington Steele and Mal Bates in Emmerdale as well as several films such as everybody's favourite The Great Escape
Tony Adams Footballer
Barry Adamson Musician Barry Adamson was the bass player for Magazine and Nick Cave's Bad Seeds up until 1988 when he decided he wanted to stop making records and start writing film scores.
Jon Adamson
Add N to X Pop Group
Mark Addy Actor Mark Addy appeared in The Full Monty
Adelphoi Music
Adiemus Musicians
Aerosmith Rock Group
Ben Affleck Actor
Andre Agassi Tennis Player
Agota Parkour Agota is skilled in the discipline of parkour, the art of movement
Christina Aguilera Pop Star
Caroline Aherne Comedienne Caroline Aherne is a standup comedian who has appeared in The Fast Show and in her own series as Mrs Merton
Air Pop Group
Donna Air TV Presenter / Actress Donna Air appeared in Byker Grove a long time ago
Holly Aird Actress Holly Aird is best known for playing forensic pathologist Frankie Wharton in Waking the Dead
Tony Aitken Actor Tony Aitken has appeared in Porridge, Holby City and Casualty
Daisy Aitkens
Al Bowlly and Ray Noble Orchestra Orchestra
Salem Al Fakir
Jessica Alba
Isaac Albeniz Classical Composer
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been to the Moon apparently
Alex Harvey Band Pop Group
Alex Party Electronica
Mohammed Ali Ex-Boxer
All Seeing I Pop Group
Fiona Allen Actress / Comedienne Fiona Allen has recently appeared in Smack the Pony and Coronation Street
Jon Allen
Keith Allen Actor Keith Allen is best known for his appearances in the Comic Strip Presents... and swearing on late night television
Lily Allen
Patrick Allen Actor Patrick Allen is a film and television actor who has recently worked with Reeves and Mortimer
Richard Allen
Kirstie Allsopp TV Presenter Kirstie Allsopp presents Location, Location, Location
Fernando Alonso Racing Driver Fernando Alonso is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a two time world champion
Altered Images Pop Group
John Altman Actor John Altman played Nick Cotton in Eastenders
Alessandra Ambrosio
Amen Corner Pop Group
Chris Amoo Chris Amoo is a member of The Real Thing
Emma Amos
Anastacia Pop Star
Mini Andén
Toby Andersen Musician Toby Andersen of Lowtown Music
Clive Anderson Writer / TV Presenter Clive Anderson has written for Not the Nine O'Clock News but is best known for the host of Clive Anderson Talks Back and Who's Line Is It Anyway
Gerry Anderson Film Maker Gerry Anderson is best known for Thunderbirds
Julie Anderson
Laurie Anderson Singer
Leroy Anderson Composer
Pamela Anderson Actress
Viv Anderson
Peter Andre
Andrea True Connection
Andrew Kremer & Benedict Green Composers
Julie Andrews Actress / Singer Julie Andrews is best known for appearing in The Sound of Music
Michael Andrews
Andrews Sisters Singers
Nicolas Anelka Footballer Nicolas Anelka is a striker
The Animals Rock Group
Jennifer Aniston Actress Jennifer Aniston is an American who appears in Friends
Keren Ann
Adam Ant Pop Star
John Anthony Composer
Kate Anthony Actress Kate Anthony plays Aunty Pam in Coronation Street
Apache Indian Pop Group
Aphex Twin Pop Star
Apollo 440 Electronica
Appleton Pop Duo
Sarah Applewood
Aqualung Singer Songwriter Aqualung is really Matthew "Matt" Hales
Arab Strap Indie Group
Jeffrey Archer Writer
Archies Madeup Pop Group
Architects Pop Group
Architecture In Helsinki Pop Group Architecture In Helsinki is an Australian musical collective
Archive Pop Group
Mark Arden Comedian Mark Arden is the other half of The Oblivion Boys
Arling & Cameron
Alexander Armstrong Comedian Alexander Armstrong is one half of the comedy duo that appears in The Armstrong and Miller Show
Craig Armstrong Composer Craig Armstrong has composed music for GoldenEye, Batman Forever, Mission Impossible and has co-composed the original score for the highly acclaimed Baz Luhrmann film version of Romeo and Juliet.
DJ Neil Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong Actor Jonas Armstrong appears in Robin Hood
Lance Armstrong Cyclist Lance Armstrong was the Tour de France winner from 1999 to 2005
Louis Armstrong Musician
Ferdinando Arno
David Arquette Actor David Arquette is the youngest of his family that includes Rosanna, Patricia, Alexis, and Richmond
Arrested Development Hip Hop Group
Arrow Pop Group
Arsenal Football Team
Andrei Arshavin
Andrey Arshavin
Art Of Noise Pop Group
Joseph Arthur Musician
Leslie Ash Actress Leslie Ash is currently best known for playing Deborah in Men Behaving Badly
Jane Asher Actress Jane Asher has appeared in numerous films and television programmes and who now runs her own business called Jane Asher Party Cakes
Ian Ashpitel Actor Ian Ashpitel used to play Chris Hart in Family Affairs
Dicken Ashworth Actor Dicken Ashworth played Alan Partridge in Brookside and more recently Derek in The Detectives
Arthur Askey Comedian / Entertainer / Singer Arthur Askey was a popular all round entertainer
Fred Astair Dancer
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Sam Aston Actor Sam Aston plays Chesney Battersby-Brown in Coronation Street
Anara Atanes Model
Nicolas Atchine
Mike Atherton Cricketer
Ron Atkinson Football Manager
Rowan Atkinson Comedian Rowan Atkinson has appeared in various comedy series such as Not the Nine O'Clock News and Black Adder but he is best known by most people for appearing in the Barclaycard adverts
Helen Atkinson-Wood Actress Helen Atkinson-Wood played Anna Daptor in KYTV and Mrs Miggins in Black Adder
Richard Attenborough Director
Audio Bullys
The Avalanches Pop Group
Frankie Avalon Singer
Alex Avery Actor
Charles Aznavour Singer