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Artists: B
Artist Profession Description
Howie B Pop Star
Mel B Pop Star Mel B is the scariest of the Spice Girls
B Bumble and The Stingers B Bumble and The Stingers This short-lived act was one of several US acts formed by pop svengali Kim Fowley as an outlet for his production/songwriting talents at Rendezvous Records.
B Raymond and The Voicettes
The B52's
Ibrahim Ba Footballer Ibrahim Ba plays for France
Sweet Baboo
Babybird Pop Singer
Babylon Zoo Pop Group
Baccara Pop Duo
Johann Sebastian Bach Classical Composer
Bachman Turner Overdrive Rock Group
Backyard Dog Pop Group
Bad Company Rock Group
Bad Manners Pop Group
Angelo Badalamenti Composer
Badly Drawn Boy Singer Songwriter Badly Drawn Boy is really Damon Gough
Kenneth Bager Record Producer / Musician
Jodie Bagnell
Baha Men Pop Group
Baikonour Musician Baikonour is really Jean-Emmanuel Krieger and is from Brighton
Bill Bailey Comedian Bill Bailey does stand-up and has appeared in Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Black Books
David Bailey Photographer
Laura Bailey Model
Pearl Bailey Singer / Actress
Viki Bailey
Adrienne Bailon
Donovan Baily Athlete
Ed Baines TV Chef
Cheryl Baker Singer / TV Presenter Cheryl Baker is best known for once being in Bucks Fizz (the group not the drink)
Chet Baker Musician
Chris Baker Composer Chris Baker is one half of dance/pop band Mint Royale
Danny Baker Writer / TV Presenter Danny Baker is best known for kicking about with Chris Evans
George Baker
Tom Baker Actor Tom Baker is best known for playing the fourth Doctor in Doctor Who although he did make an impression playing a certain captain in Black Adder
Joan Bakewell TV Presenter Joan Bakewell is the "Thinking man's crumpet" ... allegedly
Nat Baldwin
Gareth Bale Footballer
Balkan Beat Box Electronica Balkan Beat Box are an intoxicating combination of performance, World-infused electronic music with live musicians from Israel, Morocco, and even Iran
Alan Ball Ex-Footballer
Bobby Ball Comedian Bobby Ball is the other half of Cannon and Ball
Johnny Ball Writer / TV Presenter Johnny Ball appeared in Play School for sixteen years but will be best remembered for presenting Think of a Number
Nicholas Ball Actor Nicholas Ball played Hazel in Hazel
Zoe Ball TV Presenter / Radio Presenter Zoe Ball started off as a Childrens TV presenter but has now reached the heady heights of Radio One presenter
Ally Ballentyne
Tyson Ballou
Bianca Balti Model Bianca Balti is an Italian model
Bananarama and Fun Boy Three Pop Group
Antonio Banderas Actor Antonio Banderas has appeared in films such as Desperado and The Mask of Zorro
Devendra Banhart
Ashley Banjo Dancer Ashley Banjo is Diversity's teamleader
Jordan Banjo Dancer Jordan Banjo is from the dance troupe Diversity
Jeff Banks Designer Jeff Banks is a Welsh designer of both men's and women's clothing, jewellery and furnishings
Philip Banks
Duncan Bannatyne
Granville Bantock
Pato Banton Pop Star
Nikolett Barabas
Samuel Barber Classical Composer Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings
Barenaked Ladies Pop Group
Linda Barker Designer
Ronnie Barker Comedian Ronnie Barker is the larger one of the Ronnies in The Two Ronnies
Sophie Barker Singer Sophie Barker is best known for her work with Zero 7
Carl Barlow
John Barnes Footballer John Barnes used to play for Liverpool and England
Sacha Baron Cohen Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is best known for playing Ali G, Bruno and Borat
Roy Barraclough Actor Roy Barraclough plays Alec Gilroy in Coronation Street
Julian Barratt Comedian Julian Barratt is best known for appearing in The Mighty Boosh
Elizabeth Barrett-Browning
Rubens Barrichello Racing Driver
Chris Barrie Actor Chris Barrie got his first break providing voices for Spitting Image but he is best known for playing Arnold Judas Rimmer in Red Dwarf and Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire
Ken Barrie
Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy
Barrie Gledden and Steve Dymond Barrie Gledden and Steve Dymond are from Audio Network Production Music Library
John Barrowman
John Barry Composer
Neal Barry
The Barry Gray Orchestra
Michael Barrymore Comedian Michael Barrymore is best known for copying John Cleese
Lionel Bart Singer
Fabien Barthez Footballer
Jay Baruchel
Basement Jaxx Pop Duo
Fontella Bass Soul Singer
Shirley Bassey Singer
Kim Bassinger Actress Kim Bassinger has appeared in many Hollywood films
Simon Bates Disc Jockey Simon Bates Simon Bates is a disc jockey in the UK perhaps best known for his 'Our Tune' feature. Between 1976 and 1993 he worked at BBC Radio 1 mainly presenting the weekday mid-morning show. He is now a regular on Classic FM and is one of Britain's busiest voice overs.
Mark Batey
Darren Batten
David Batty Footballer
Eugen Bauder
Helen Baxendale Actress Helen Baxendale recently appeared as Rachel Bradley in Cold Feet
Marc Baylis
Trevor Baylis Inventor Trevor Baylis OBE is best known as the inventor of the clockwork radio
Hetty Baynes
Peter Baynham Comedian Peter Baynham recently appeared in The Saturday Night Armistice
Paul Bazely
The Beach Boys Pop Group
Sean Bean Actor Sean Bean played 006 in GoldenEye and Richard Sharp in Sharp
Peter Beardsley Footballer
Matthew Bearne
The Beastie Boys Hip Hop Group
The Beatles Pop Group
Ana Beatriz
Beau Dog Beau is the cute dog in the Virgin 1215 adverts
Danny Beauchamp
Mark Beaumont Cyclist Mark Beaumont completed an 18,000 miles circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle
Reece Beaumont Actress Reece Beaumont appeared in the play 'Oxford Street'
Ellie Beaven
Jeff Beck Musician
Robin Beck Singer
Franz Beckenbauer
Boris Becker Ex-Tennis Player Boris Becker won Wimbledon many times
David Beckham Footballer David Beckham is an English professional footballer, who plays in midfield. But I suppose you know all this, he is David Beckham after all, who doesn't know this?
Victoria Beckham Pop Star Victoria Beckham is the wife of David Beckham who does a bit of singing (that is Victoria not David)
Kate Beckinsale Actress
Samantha Beckinsale Actress Samantha Beckinsale is the daughter of Richard Beckinsale and sister of Kate Beckinsale
Peter Beckmann
Tamara Beckwith Socialite
Richard Beddow
Natasha Bedingfield Singer
Bedouin Soundclash
Bee Gees Pop Group
Josh Beech Model
Bees Pop Group
Max Beesley Actor Max Beesley plays Charlie Edwards in Hotel Babylon
Beethoven Composer
Lou Bega Pop Star
Simon Begg
Dani Behr TV Presenter Dani Behr used to co-host The Word and is now excelling by presenting Ice Warriors
Harry Belafonte Singer
Carl Belew
David Bellamy Botanist David Bellamy has appeared in various programmes that feature his surname such as Bellamy on Botany, Bellamy's Britain and Bellamy on Heathland
The Bellamy Brothers
Belle Stars Pop Group Belle Stars were an all female band, founded by former members of The Bodysnatchers
Lynda Bellingham Actress Lynda Bellingham was born in Canada and has appeared in several films and Doctor Who but more recently as Faith in Faith in the Future
Bellini Composer
Beloved Electronica
James Belushi Actor
Sao Benitez
Nigel Benn Ex-Boxer
Colin Bennett Actor Colin Bennett played Mr Bennett the caretaker Take Hart
Hywel Bennett Actor Hywel Bennett is best remembered for playing the title role in Shelley
Jo Jo Bennett Singer
Martyn Bennett
Bent Pop Group
Marcus Bentley Actor Marcus Bentley is best know as the narrator of Big Brother
Bentley Rhythm Ace Pop Duo
Mark Benton Actor Mark Benton played Eddie in Early Doors
Stephanie Berg Actress
Steven Berkoff Actor Steven Berkoff has appeared in loads of films including Decadence in which he wrote, directed and appeared in.
Berlin Pop Group
Berlin Symphony Orchestra
David Bernal
Elmer Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein
Berri Pop Group
Elizabeth Berrington Actress Elizabeth Berrington played Timothy Spall's assistant, Jane in Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies
Chuck Berry Pop Star
Halle Berry Actress
Matt Berry Actor Matt Berry appeared as Douglas Reynholm in The IT Crowd and as Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh
Nick Berry Actor Nick Berry played Simon Wicks in Eastenders but more recently appeared as P.C. Nick Rowan in Heartbeat
Professor Philippa Berry
Steve Berry
Plastic Bertrand Pop Star
Alex Best Wife Alex Best is the ex-wife of George Best and in 2004 she appeared in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
George Best Ex-Footballer
Simon Best
Best Fwends
Rodney Bewes Actor Rodney Bewes is best known for playing Bob Ferris in The Likely Lads
Sarah Beynon
Beyonce Pop Star
Bhangra Knights
Sanjeev Bhaskar Comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar is a comedian and actor, best known for his work in Goodness Gracious Me and as host of The Kumars at No. 42
Matt Bianco Pop Star
Bob Bierman
The Big Pink
Christopher Biggins Actor Christopher Biggins appeared as Lukewarm in Porridge but more recently won I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Acker Bilk Musician
Bill Haley & His Comets
Billy Byrd And His Penguins
Mama Bimkubwa
Biosphere Pop Group
Dickie Bird Ex-Umpire
Wallis Bird
The Bird and The Bee
Birdies Pop Group
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg
Isabelle Bissenden
Bjork Pop Star
Black Pop Group
Cilla Black Singer / TV Presenter Cilla Black started off as a pop singer before spending the rest of her career presenting Blind Date
Roger Black Athlete
Black Box Pop Group
Black Eyed Peas Hip Hop Group
Black Flag
The Black Keys
Black Lace Pop Group Black Lace will always be remembered for Ahhhh-Gaaaa-Do Do Do, Push pineapple, etc
Black Market Audio
Black Mighty Orchestra
Honor Blackman Actress Honor Blackman is best known for playing Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger
Blackout Allstars Pop Group
Richard Blackwood TV Presenter Richard Blackwood presented Singled Out on Channel 5 and his own show called The Richard Blackwood Show
David Blaine Magician
Lionel Blair Dancer
Howard Blake
Jessica Blake Actress Jessica Blake appeared in the film The Butterfly Tattoo
Cate Blanchett Actress
Blancmange Pop Group
Melanie Blatt Pop Star Melanie Blatt is one of them out of All Saints
Jenna Blease
Brian Blessed Actor Brian Blessed started his working career as a steeplejack, plasterer and undertaker's assistant but is better known for playing PC Fancy Smith in Z Cars (or maybe you have seen him in Black Adder)
Brenda Blethyn Actress Brenda Blethyn was born in 1946 and is best known for her films including Secrets & Lies (1996), Little Voice (1998), Saving Grace (2000), and Pride & Prejudice.
Mary J. Blige R&B Singer
Blink 182 Rock Group
Bloc Party
Blondie Pop Group
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Buster Bloodvessel Pop Star Buster Bloodvessel was/is the lead singer for the pop group Bad Manners
Conny Bloom
Orlando Bloom Actor
Blue Man Group Madeup Pop Group
Blue Nile
Blue Sky Blonde Rock Group Blue Sky Blonde are a rock group from San Diego
Bluebells Pop Group
The Blues Brothers Comedy Pop Group
The Blueskins
Heston Blumenthal TV Chef
Blur Indie Group
Eddy Bo
Boards of Canada Pop Duo
Bob Marley and the Wailers Reggae Group
Richard Bodgers
Graeme Bodman Actor
The Bodyrockers
Jim Boggia Singer Songwriter
Nathan Bogle
Jean Boht Actress Jean Boht played Nellie Boswell in Bread
James Bolam Actor James Bolam is most associated with his portrayal of the lovable layabout Terry Collier in The Likely Lads
James Bolan Actor James Bolan is best known for playing Terry Collier in The Likely Lads
CJ Bolland
David Bolton David Bolton is a WW1 Soldier
Nicola Bolton Actress Nicola Bolton appears in Heartbeat
Bomb The Bass Electronica
Bonde Do Role
Boney M Pop Group
Helena Bonham Carter Actress
Bonobo Pop Group
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Band
Boo Radleys Pop Group
Jane Booker
Booker T and the MGs Soul Group
Boom Bip
Pat Boon Actress
Imogen Boorman Actress
Björn Borg Ex-Tennis Player Björn Borg is a former World No. 1 tennis player from Sweden regarded by observers and tennis players as one of the greatest players in the sport's history
Paul Borg
Gerry Borghesi
Milan Borich
Born Ruffians Indie Group Born Ruffians are a Canadian indie rock band
Boss Hogg Pop Group
Adam Bossons
Boston Rock Group
Jack Boswell Actor Jack Boswell appears in the BBC3 programme The Wall
Di Botcher Actress Di Botcher has appeared in Little Britain and High Hopes
Sir Ian Botham Ex-Cricketer
Christine Bottomley
Helen Boulding Singer Songwriter
Bow Wow Wow Pop Group
Jim Bowen Comedian Jim Bowen started off as a dustbinman, labourer, driver and teacher before he decided to become a comic and present the definitive darts show Bullseye
David Bowie Pop Star
Peter Bowles Actor
Paul Bown
The Box Tops
The Boy Least Likely To Indie Group The Boy Least Likely To are comprised of Pete Hobbs and Jof Owen
Katie Boyle
Boyzone Boy Band
Tracy Brabin Actress Tracy Brabin played Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street
Jamie Bradley
Melvyn Bragg TV Presenter Melvyn Bragg joined the BBC as a trainee in 1961 and is now known for presenting the South Bank Show
Johannes Brahms
Hilda Braid Actress Hilda Braid trained at RADA and has been in loads of comedy programmes but I will always remember her as Florence, Shirley's mum in Citizen Smith
Wilfrid Brambell
Bran Van 3000 Electronica
Jo Brand Comedienne Jo Brand does stand-up and has appeared on QI several times
Russell Brand Comedian
The Brand New Heavies Acid Jazz Group
Richard Branson Businessman
Russ Bray Russ Bray is a Pro Darts Referee
Tetyana Brazhnyk
Bread Rock Group
Mike Brearley Ex-Cricketer
Anna Brecon Actress Anna Brecon played Tara Cockburn in Emmerdale back in 1997
Bernard Bresslaw Actor Bernard Bresslaw appeared in many Carry On films
James Brett
Sally Bretton Actress Sally Bretton recently appeared as Donna in The Office
Brian Setzer Orchestra Orchestra
Shane Briant
Richard Briers Actor Richard Briers will always be remembered as Tom in The Good Life
Brigade Rock Group
Jon Briggs Actor Jon Briggs is best known as the voice of The Weakest Link
Sarah Briggs
Bright Eyes
Bardot Brigitte
Louise Brill Actress Louise Brill is an actress from Reading
Benjamin Britten Composer
Fern Britton TV Presenter Fern Britton is an television presenter, currently known as the main presenter on This Morning
Simon Britton
Jim Broadbent Actor Jim Broadbent is a film and television actor who can be seen in my favourite film, Mike Leigh's comedy Life is Sweet
Broadcast 2000 Musician Broadcast 2000 is the creation of Devon born multi-instrumentalist Joe Steer. On his debut mini album 'Building Blocks' he combines cello, double bass, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel, banjo, percussion and his own layered vocals. All written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the bedroom of his north London flat.
Broadway Project
Jake Broder
Josh Brolin Actor Josh Brolin is an American actor
Jenna Brook
Joy Brook
Kelly Brook Model / TV Presenter Kelly Brook is an English model who has done some presenting in her time as well
Bob Brookes
Sir Trevor Brooking Ex-Footballer / Football Pundit
Brooklyn Funk Essentials Pop Group
Dave Brooks
Rafiella Brooks
Ray Brooks Actor Ray Brooks is best known for supplying the voice for Mr Ben
Terence Brooks Actor Terence Brooks is a Frank Sinatra lookalike
Nick Broomfield Film Maker Nick Broomfield is best known for making a documentary about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love called Kurt and Courtney
Pierce Brosnan Actor Pierce Brosnan once played James Bond
Brother Bones Musician Brother Bones was an American whistling and bone-playing musician from Montgomery, Alabama
Brotherhood of Man Pop Group
Brothers Johnson
Blue King Brown
Colette Brown Actress Colette Brown has played Sam Kennedy in Holby, Sadie Vaughn in Doctors and even popped up in Torchwood
Errol Brown Pop Star
Findlay Brown
Ian Brown
James Brown Soul Singer
Jeff Brown Jeff Brown is the match announcer at Burnley FC
Junior Brown Guitarist / Singer Junior Brown is an American country guitarist and singer from Arizona
Kelly Brown
Maximilian Brown
Nappy Brown
Sam Brown
VV Brown
Wes Brown Footballer
Dave Brubeck Musician Dave Brubeck is an American jazz pianist
Ane Brun
Frank Bruno Ex-Boxer Frank Bruno is best known for saying 'Harry'
Kenneth Bryans Actor Kenneth Bryans appears in The Bill
Rob Brydon Comedian / Actor Rob Brydon has appeared in Marion and Geoff and Gavin and Stacey
Ann Bryson Actress Ann Bryson appeared with Sara Crowe in the sitcom Sometime, Never
Bill Bryson Writer
Michael Bublé Singer
Ernest Bucalossi
Clare Buckfield Actress Clare Buckfield played Natasha Stevens in Grange Hill
Bucks Fizz Pop Group
Michael Buerk Journalist / Newscaster
Gema Buitrón Athlete Gema Buitrón is an archery champion
Jamie Bulch Athlete Jamie Bulch is a sprinter
Buller & Bang
Annika Bullus Actress
Bumcello Pop Group
Emma Bunton Singer Emma Bunton is / was / is a member of the Spice Girls
Vashti Bunyan
Mark Burdis Actor Mark Burdis started off as Christopher "Stewpot" Stewart in Grange Hill but has also appeared in Operation Good Guys
Fernando Buriasco
Kathy Burke Actress Kathy Burke has appeared is programmes such as French and Saunders, Harry Enfield and Chums and Comic Strip Presents... as well as films such as Scrubbers and Nil by Mouth
Bernard Burlew
Lars Burmeister Model Lars Burmeister is a German model
Johnnie Burn
Guy Burnet Actor Guy Burnet plays Craig Dean in Hollyoaks
Frances Burnett
Amanda Burton Actress Amanda Burton played Heather in Brookside but is best known for playing Beth Glover in Peak Practice
Richard Burton
Carter Burwell Composer Carter Burwell is a composer of film scores
Steve Buscemi Actor Steve Buscemi is best known for playing Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs
Kate Bush Singer Songwriter
Reggie Bush
Terry Bush Singer
Prince Buster Pop Star
Lisa Butcher Model / TV Presenter Lisa Butcher is a presenter on What Not To Wear
Terry Butcher Ex-Footballer
Andrew Scott Butler
Eddie Butler
Jenson Button Racing Driver
Adam Buxton Comedian Adam Buxton is the Adam in The Adam and Joe Show
Buzzcocks Punk Group
Byrds Pop Group
Ed Byrne Comedian Ed Byrne is an Irish stand-up comic