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Artists: E
Artist Profession Description
E T and my C
Eagles Of Death Metal Rock Group
Elizabeth Earl Actress Elizabeth Earl is the older sister of Holly and played Young Julia in the film Mansfield Park
Holly Earl Actress Holly Earl is the younger sister of Elizabeth, has played Young Kochanski in Red Dwarf and more recently played Young Clara in Secret Passage
Earl Okin & Tam Nightingale
Earth Wind & Fire Pop Group
East 17
Clint Eastwood Actor / Director Clint Eastwood has... Oh, you must know who Clint Eastwood is!
Jenny Eclair Comedienne Jenny Eclair first appeared as a room service waitress in Auf Wiedersehen Pet and also appeared with Frank Skinner in Packet Of Three
Eddie and The Hotrods Punk Group
Paul Eddington Actor
Steve Edge Actor Steve Edge played Alan in Phoenix Nights also appeared in Peep Show
Valerie Edmond Actress
Noel Edmonds TV Presenter Noel Edmonds is now best known for presenting Deal or no Deal
Adrian Edmondson Comedian / Actor Adrian Edmondson appeared as Vivian in The Young Ones as well as appearing in Comic Strip Presents... and Bottom
Pete Edmunds
Tom Edmundson
Chris Edwards
Gareth Edwards Ex-Rugby Player
Greg Edwards
Jonathan Edwards Athlete
Justin Edwards Actor Justin Edwards appears in The Thick Of It
Michael Edwards Athlete Michael Edwards is best known as Eddie the Eagle
Rachael Edwards
Edwin Hawkins Singers Singers
Peter Egan Actor Peter Egan was at his best in Ever Decreasing Circles with Richard Briers
Eight Legs Indie Group Eight Legs are from London
Ludovico Einaudi
Elastica Indie Group
Idris Elba
Electric Light Orchestra Rock Group Electric Light Orchestra (commonly abbreviated to ELO), were a rock group from Birmingham, England who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001
Danny Elfman Composer
Sir Edward Elgar Composer
Jonathan Elias
Elias Arts Sound & Vision
Lance Ellington
Chris Elliot
Peter Elliott Athlete
Alexander Ellis Actress Alexander Ellis appeared in Wire in the Blood
Dave Ellis Musician Dave Ellis is part of Focus Music (Library)
Janet Ellis TV Presenter Janet Ellis is probably best known for presenting Blue Peter
Shirley Ellis
Warren Ellis Musician / Composer Warren Ellis is most famous for his work with Dirty Three, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Grinderman
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singer
Christopher Ellison Actor Christopher Ellison is probably best known for playing DCI Frank Burnside in The Bill
Jennifer Ellison Actress Jennifer Ellison played Emily Shadwick in Brookside
Michael Elphick Actor Michael Elphick has appeared in numerous films and television programmes but he is best known for playing Ken Boon in Boon
Chinese Elvis
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Supergroup
EMF Pop Group
Eminem Rapper
Empire Dogs
Harry Enfield Comedian Harry Enfield appears in his own show Harry Enfield and Chums
Patricia England
Enigma Pop Group
Jessica Ennis
Brian Eno Pop Star
Kaz Enomoto
Jo Enright
Enya Pop Star
Equals Pop Group
Flat Eric Puppet Flat Eric is the puppet from Levi's commercials
Freja Beha Erichsen Supermodel
Sven Goran Eriksson Football Manager Sven Goran Eriksson used to be the England football manager
Erson Vs Dadaslar
eScala Classical Group
Norman Eshley Actor Norman Eshley played Jeffrey Fourmile in George and Mildred
Joe "Bean" Esposito
Juan Garcia Esquival
David Essex Singer
Michael Essien Footballer Michael Essien is a midfielder
Gloria Estefan Pop Star
The Ethiopians Reggae Group
Ruth Etting Singer Ruth Etting was an American singer of the 1930s
Chris Eubank Boxer
Jason Euell Footballer
Linda Evangelista Supermodel
Chris Evans To Be Determined Chris Evans is a much overrated radio and television presenter (aka 'Ginger Git')
Cliff Evans
Thom Evans Rugby Player Thom Evans plays for the Scottish Rugby Team
Wynne Evans Singer Wynne Evans is a opera singer with the Welsh National Opera
Liam Evans-Ford
Everly Brothers Pop Duo
Keith Ewart
Extra Terrestrial (aka ET) Extra Terrestrial
Extreme Music Productions
EZ Rollers Pop Group