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Artists: H
Artist Profession Description
Judith Haan TV Presenter Judith Haan is best know for presenting Tomorrow's World
Lukas Haas Actor Lukas Haas has appeared in the films Testament and Witness
Shelley Hack Actress Shelley Hack played Tiffany Welles in the television version of Charlie's Angels
Dayle Haddon
Wesley Haeke Athlete Wesley Haeke is a Kendo champion
Reynaldo Hahn Composer
Hal David & John Cacavas
Gordon Halajkijevic
Gareth Hale Comedian Gareth Hale is one half of Hale and Pace
Jill Halfpenny Actress Jill Halfpenny has appeared as Kate in Eastenders
Alexis Hall Actress Alexis Hall appears in Hollyoaks In The City
Esther Hall Actress Esther Hall has appeared in Queer as Folk, Spooks and Waking the Dead
Jerry Hall Model / Actress Jerry Hall is best known for not being very good at everything she tries
Rich Hall Comedian
Stuart Hall TV Presenter Stuart Hall used to present Nationwide but is best known for presenting It's a Knockout
Hall & Oates
Laura Hallett Gymnast Laura Hallett is a British Olympic gymnast
Joseph Halliday
Geri Halliwell Pop Singer / Writer Geri Halliwell was one of the Spice Girls
Francesca Halsall Athlete Francesca Halsall is a swimmer that appeared at the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Nicky Hambleton-Jones TV Presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones has presents 10 Years Younger
Prince Naseem Hamed Boxer
George Hamilton Actor
Laird Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Racing Driver Lewis Hamilton is the current F1 world champion (assuming you are reading this when he has got round to winning it)
Paula Hamilton Model
Jan Hammer Pop Star
MC Hammer
Oscar Hammerstein
Richard Hammond TV Presenter Richard Hammond is best known for presenting Top Gear and being involved in car crashes
Herbie Hancock Pop Star
Martin Hancock Actor Martin Hancock plays Geoffrey 'Spider' Nugent in Coronation Street
Nick Hancock Comedian / TV Presenter Nick Hancock used to present the sport's quiz show They Think It's All Over and was the original presenter of Room 101
Sheila Hancock Actress Sheila Hancock got her first big break playing Carol in the sitcom The Rag Trade
Tony Hancock
George Frideric Handel Classical Composer
Emma Hannah
John Hannah
Chris Hannon Actor Chris Hannon is a former Coronation Street star
Alan Hansen Ex-Footballer / Football Pundit Alan Hansen is best known for playing for Liverpool
Gus Hansen Poker Player
Happy Mondays Pop Group
Hard-Fi Indie Group
Robert Hardy Actor Robert Hardy CBE is best know for playing Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small
Tom Hardy
Caroline Harker Actress Caroline Harker played WPC/DS Hazel Wallace in A Touch of Frost
John Harley
Steve Harley Pop Star
Tina Harlow Actress
Jennifer Harman Poker Player
Ainsley Harriott TV Chef
Calvin Harris
Ed Harris Actor
Guy Harris Voice-over Artist Guy Harris is a voice-over artist based in the UK but voicing all over the world. Currently working with directors in Hollywood and in Dubai on new Movie projects. Also the voice of several characters on the next Harry Potter Lego Game for XBOX and PS3 due out in 2010.
Johnny Harris Composer Johnny Harris is a Scottish born composer, producer, arranger, conductor and musical director
Keith Harris Ventriloquist Keith Harris is a ventriloquist with his ever faithful companion Orville
Max Harris Musician
Rolf Harris TV Presenter / Artist Rolf Harris hosts Animal Hospital but who can forget his number one in 1969 with Two Little Boys
Tina Harris
Audley Harrison Boxer Audley Harrison is a heavyweight boxer
Claudia Harrison Actress Claudia Harrison played Luce in Attachments
Harry J Allstars
Sarah Hart
Tony Hart TV Presenter / Artist Tony Hart is best known for presenting Take Hart which ran for eight years
Adam Hart-Davis Photographer / Writer / Broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis presented Local Heroes as well the series What the Romans/Victorians/Tudors/Stuarts did for us
Madelin Hartly
Josh Hartnett Actor Josh Hartnett appeared in Black Hawk Down
Paul Hartnoll
Alasdair Harvey
David Hasselhoff Actor / Singer David Hasselhoff or "The Hoff", is an American actor who is best known for his lead roles on Knight Rider and Baywatch
Roy Hattersley Politician
Ricky Hatton
Rutger Hauer Actor Rutger Hauer is probably best known for his part in Blade Runner
Nigel Havers Actor Nigel Havers is The Charmer
Jason Havord
Hawaii Cream
Keeley Hawes
Chesney Hawkes One Hit Wonder
Stephen Hawking Scientist
Phil Hawkins Actor Phil Hawkins appeared in the film The Butterfly Tattoo
Sally Hawkins Actress Sally Hawkins is a theatre actress
Tony Hawks Comedian Tony Hawks is a tennis player turned comedian who recently hosted the quiz show The Best Quiz Show in the World ... Probably
Alan Hawkshaw
Hawkwind Rock Group Hawkwind are are fantasy inspired heavy rock group whose most famous ex-member was Motorhead's Lemmy
Richard Hawley
Nigel Hawthorne Actor Nigel Hawthorne was an English actor best known for playing Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes, Minister
David Haye Boxer David Haye is Britain's Heavyweight Champion of the World
Geoffrey Hayes TV Presenter Geoffrey Hayes used to present Rainbow
Isaac Hayes Singer
Patricia Hayes
James Hayter Actor James Hayter was a British actor
Anthony Head Actor Anthony Head appeared as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Prime Minister in Little Britain and Mr Finch in an episode of Doctor Who
Denis Healey Politician Denis Healey is the former Labour chancellor
Tim Healy Actor Tim Healy used to be a paratrooper before becoming an actor and appearing in Coronation Street and playing Dennis in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Mark Heap Actor Mark Heap is a comic actor who has appeared in Spaced and Big Train amongst others
Hear'Say Pop Group
Ted Heath Politician
Ben Heathcote Actor Ben Heathcote is a cast member of Mamma Mia
Michelle Heaton Pop Star Michelle Heaton is probably best known for singing in Liberty X
Heatwave Pop Group
Heaven 17 Pop Group
The Heavy
Sharlene Hector
Graham Heifer Cartoon Character
Greg Hemphill Actor Greg Hemphill appeared in Still Game and Chewin' the Fat
Richard 'Discoteck' Henderson Artist Richard 'Discoteck' Henderson is a Graffiti Artist
Jimi Hendrix Tooth Guitarist
Tim Henman Ex-Tennis Player / Commentator
Arve Henriksen
Clarence 'Frogman' Henry Singer Clarence 'Frogman' Henry is an American rhythm and blues singer
Lenny Henry Actor / Comedian Lenny Henry won New Faces in 1975 aged sixteen, went on to appear in Three of a Kind with Tracey Ullman and David Copperfield but has most recently appeared as Gareth Blackstock in Chef
Pierre Henry Pop Star
Thierry Henry Footballer
John Henshaw Actor John Henshaw is a British actor who plays Ken the landlord in Early Doors
Her Space Holiday
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Gaëlle Hérisson
Herman's Hermits Pop Group
Bernard Herrmann
Lady Victoria Hervey Posh Person
Eva Herzigová
Annelise Hesme
John Hewer
Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress
Sherrie Hewson Actress Sherrie Hewson plays Maureen Elliott in Coronation Street
Brian Hibbard
Jacqui Hicks Singer
Jason Hicks
Simon Hickson Comedian Simon Hickson is the Simon out of Trev and Simon
Charlie Higson Comedian Charlie Higson is one of the two main writers of The Fast Show
Bernard Hill Actor Bernard Hill played Yosser Hughes in Boys From The Black Stuff
Damon Hill Racing Driver
Harry Hill Comedian Harry Hill is the type of comedian who's gotta have a system
Jimmy Hill Football Pundit
Katy Hill TV Presenter Katy Hill is best known for presenting Blue Peter
W Hill
Phillip Hill-Pearson
Frazer Hines Actor Frazer Hines played Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who but is best known for playing Joe Sugden Emmerdale Farm for years and years
Martina Hingis Tennis Player
Micah P. Hinson Singer / Guitarist Micah P. Hinson is an American indie rock singer and guitarist
Dame Thora Hird Actress Dame Thora Hird received her OBE in 1983 and DBE (making her Dame Thora Hird) in 1993 and has appeared in loads of things such as Pat and Margaret, Last of the Summer Wine and In Loving Memory
Glen Hirst
The Hit Crew
The Hives
Graham Hoadly Actor Graham Hoadly appeared in the film Blunt
Glen Hoddle Football Manager Glen Hoddle was the England coach before opening his mouth
Brian Hodge Composer
Patricia Hodge Actress Patricia Hodge appeared in Rumpole of the Bailey
Tom Hodge Composer Tom Hodge is a London based composer with over 200 film, television and radio advertising credits
Paul Hogan Actor Paul Hogan is probably best known for appearing in Crocodile Dundee
Amanda Holden Actress Amanda Holden plays Geraldine Titley in The Grimleys
Noddy Holder Ex-Pop Star Noddy Holder used to be the lead singer with Slade
Billie Holiday Singer
Holiday For Strings
Dominic Holland Comedian
Jools Holland TV Presenter / Musician Jools Holland presented Name That Tune on Sky TV for a while but is better known for being a member of Squeeze
Michael Holliday Singer Michael Holliday was a British singer
The Hollies Pop Group
Buddy Holly Singer / Guitarist
Dame Kelly Holmes Ex-Athlete Dame Kelly Holmes won two gold medals in the 800 metres and the 1500 metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics
David Holmes Musician / DJ David Holmes is a Northern Irish DJ, musician and composer
Judy Holt
Nichola Holt Big Brother Contestant
Gary Holton Actor Gary Holton is best known for playing Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
The Hombres
Ben Homewood Actor
La Honda
Honeybus Pop Group
Adrian Hood
John Lee Hooker Pop Star
The Hooters Pop Group
Sir Anthony Hopkins Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins trained at RADA and has appeared in many films, most famously as Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 file Silence of the Lambs for which he received a Best Actor Academy Award
Dennis Hopper Actor Dennis Hopper is an American actor who has appeared in over 100 films although most people will know him for playing Billy in Easy Rider
Vicki Hopps Actress Vicki Hopps played Lizzie Baker in Little Lord Fauntleroy
Shirley Horn
Lena Horne Jazz Vocalist
Jane Horrocks Actress Jane Horrocks trained at RADA and played Nicola in my favourite film Life is Sweet
Adam Horton
Mark Horwood
Stuart Hosking
Bob Hoskins Actor Bob Hoskins is a fine British actor who has appeared in many films including The Long Good Friday which is a favourite of mine
Hot Butter One Hit Wonder Hot Butter are best known for their hit Popcorn (and even that was a cover version)
Hot Chocolate Pop Group
Hot Hot Heat
Hotrats Pop Group Hotrats is a cover band formed by Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey as a side-project from their main band Supergrass
Gerard Houllier Football Manager Gerard Houllier is a French football manager
House Of Pain Hip Hop Group
Housemartins Pop Group
Hein Hoven Composer / Musician Hein Hoven works as part of Beathoven Music
Jane How
Frankie Howard Comedian
Tim Howard
Traylor Howard
Jeni Howarth Williams Actress Jeni Howarth Williams played Sheila Hayes in Coronation Street
Karl Howman Actor Karl Howman is best known for playing Jacko in Brush Strokes
Chris Hoy Cyclist
Stephen Hoyle Actor Stephen Hoyle appears in the Channel 5 soap Family Affairs
Nikolaj Hubbe Dancer
Mick Hucknall Pop Star
Roy Hudd Actor / Comedian Roy Hudd appears in his long running radio show The News Huddlines
Vanessa Hudgens Singer Vanessa Hudgens appeared in High School Musical - The Concert tour
Hugh Hudson Director Hugh Hudson directed Chariots of Fire
Mr. Hudson
Huey 'Piano' Smith & The Clowns
Hanne Hukkelberg
Rod Hull Comedian
The Human League Electronica
Engelbert Humperdinck
Humphrey Littleton Band Band
Barry Humphries Comedian Barry Humphries is best known for 'being' Dame Edna Everage and that Australian culture minister who's name I can't remember
Gloria Hunniford TV Presenter Gloria Hunniford is the mother of Caron Keating
Gareth Hunt Actor
Hayley Hunt
James Hunt Racing Driver
Leon Hunt
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Footballer
Moray Hunter Actor Moray Hunter was one of the Absolutely team
Liz Hurley Actress Liz Hurley can be loosely described as an actress who is best known for being the girlfriend of Hugh Grant
Hurricane No 1 Pop Group
Geoff Hurst Ex-Footballer
John Hurt Actor John Hurt is best know for his role in Alien
Husky Rescue
Nasser Hussain Cricketer
Michael Hutchence
Marcus Hutton Actor Marcus Hutton played Nathan Cuddington in Brookside
Hyper Electronica Hyper are from Oxford
Paul Hyu