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Artist Profession Description
Rafael Nadal Tennis Player
Jimmy Nail Actor / Singer Jimmy Nail is best known for playing Oz in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Yael Naim
Nani Footballer
Johnny Nash Singer
Ilie Nastase Ex-Tennis Player
Nina Nastasia
Dave Navarro Pop Star Dave Navarro has been in Jane's Addiction and is now in the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Henry Naylor Comedian Henry Naylor is one half of the double act Parsons and Naylor and has appeared on Saturday Live and Auntie's Sporting Bloomers
Trev Neal Comedian Trev Neal is the Trev out of Trev and Simon
Janice Neevy
Daniel Negreanu Poker Player Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian professional poker player
Neil Barnes and Nick Rapaccioli
Colin Nell Colin Nell is a football "freestyler"
Phyllis Nelson Singer Phyllis Nelson was an American singer
Rick Nelson
Trevor Nelson Disc Jockey Trevor Nelson is a Radio One DJ
Willie Nelson Singer Songwriter / Actor Willie Nelson is an American country singer-songwriter author, poet and actor
Thomas Nelstrop
The Neptunes
James Nesbitt Actor James Nesbitt plays Adam Williams in Cold Feet
John Nettles Actor John Nettles is best known for playing Sgt Jim Bergerac in Bergerac
New Order Pop Group
New York Dolls Rock Group
New Young Pony Club Indie Group
Randy Newman
Thomas Newman Composer Thomas Newman is an American film score composer
Joanna Newsom
Thandie Newton Actress
Ney Da Castro
Dustin Nguyen Actor
Scout Niblett
Jack Nicholas Golfer
Paul Nicholas Actor / Singer Paul Nicholas is best known for playing Vince Pinner in Just Good Friends
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Nickelback Rock Group Nickelback is a Canadian rock band
Leslie Nielsen
Nigel and Marvin
Tam Nightingale
Nightingale Music Ltd
Bill Nighy Actor Bill Nighy is a Golden Globe and BAFTA award winning English actor
Harry Nilsson Singer / Musician Harry Nilsson was an American songwriter, singer, pianist, and guitarist
Leonard Nimoy Actor Leonard Nimoy is a pointy eared actor
Nine Inch Nails Rock Group
John Noakes TV Presenter John Noakes will always be remembered as the dare devil presenter of Blue Peter
Gary Nock
Noddy and Big Ears
Jim Noir
The Noise Deli Composers The Noise Deli is a bespoke music production company, specialising in composition for moving image.
Coleen Nolan Singer / TV Presenter Coleen Nolan was once one of the Nolan Sisters
Nolans Pop Group
Denis Norden TV Presenter / Writer / Broadcaster Denis Norden is best known for his Alright on the Night series
Signe Nordstrom
Barry Norman TV Presenter
Norman Bambi
Hermione Norris Actress Hermione Norris is best known for playing Karen Marsden in Cold Feet
Edward Norton Actor Edward Norton has appeared in films such as American History X, Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk
Graham Norton Comedian Graham Norton has appeared in Father Ted but now has his own show called So Graham Norton
Julian Nott
Nouvelle Vague Indie Group
Petr Novak
Charles Nove Voice-over Artist Charles Nove is a Scottish Voice-over Artist / Broadcaster
Jean-Christophe Novelli TV Chef
The Noveltones
Stuart Nurse Actor / Singer Stuart Nurse is an actor and not in fact a nurse
Michael Nyman Composer
Scelia Nyquist