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On Air Company / Advert Type Details
Oct 2010 Company: Heinz
Advert: Soups
Notes: It Has To Be
Song / Music: Love Me Tender (Commissioned track)   
Sep 2010 Company: UPS
Advert: International Parcel Delivery   
Notes: We Love Logistics
Song / Music: That's Amore (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Aug 2010 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: CoCo Pops Choc 'n' Roll   
Notes: - Race Time
Song / Music: You Spin Me Round (Commissioned track)   
Jul 2010 Company: Cashcade Limited
Advert: Foxy Bingo   
Notes: Foxy Fridays 10pm Game
Song / Music: The One that You Want (Commissioned track)
Jul 2010 Company: McDonalds
Advert: Limited Edition Cornetto McFlurrys   
Notes: Ice Cream Van
Song / Music: 'O Sole Mio (Special Orchestral Version) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2010 Company: KFC
Advert: Krushems   
Notes: Full Of Real Bitz
Song / Music: Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Commissioned track)   
Sep 2009 Company: Young's
Advert: Frozen Fish
Notes: Naturally Delicious
Song / Music: When the Boat Comes In - Theme
Jun 2009 Company: Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Advert: Evergreen Mow it Less   
Notes: Less Time Cutting
Song / Music: Daydream Believer Instrumental Arrangement (Commissioned track)
Mar 2009 Company: Sunday Times, The
Advert: Style Magazine   
Notes: Fashion Special
Song / Music: Anything You Can Do (Special Version) (Commissioned track)
Feb 2009 Company: Mars Inc.
Advert: Twix   
Notes: Pause More, See More
Song / Music: I Can See Clearly Now (Commissioned track)   
Feb 2009 Company: Peugeot
Advert: 207 Verve   
Notes: Same Time Tomorrow ?
Song / Music: Suspicious Minds (Cover version)
Jan 2009 Company: Tetley
Advert: Green Tea   
Notes: Everyone's Cup of Tea
Song / Music: Adams Family Theme (Commissioned track)
Jan 2009 Company: Arla Foods
Advert: Anchor Butter   
Notes: Free Range Cows
Song / Music: The Great Escape
Nov 2008 Company: Iceland
Advert: Christmas Party Food   
Notes: Cold Outside
Song / Music: Baby It's Cold Outside (Commissioned track)
Nov 2008 Company: John Lewis
Advert: Christmas 2008   
Notes: If You Know the Person, You’ll Find the Present
Song / Music: From Me To You (written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney) (Commissioned track)
Oct 2008 Company: HSBC
Advert: Plus Account
Notes: Upgrade to Get Better Facilities
Song / Music: I'd Do Anything for You (Instrumental) (Cover version)
Sep 2008 Company: Dairy Crest
Advert: Country Life Butter   
Notes: Johnny Says Country Life Tastes the Best
Song / Music: English Country Garden (Special Version) (Cover version)
Jul 2008 Company: Asda
Advert: Freshest Tomatoes
Song / Music: In the Summertime (instrumental)
Jul 2008 Company: Argos
Advert: New Catalogue   
Song / Music: We're off to See the Wizard (instrumental)
Mar 2008 Company: Walkers
Advert: Crisps   
Notes: Routemaster Bus - British Trips
Song / Music: Summer Holiday (Special Version) (Cover version)
Feb 2008 Company: British Gas
Advert: Homecare
Notes: All Over Britain
Song / Music: Aguas de Março (Waters of March) - Vocal with special words (Commissioned track)
Jan 2008 Company: Tetley
Advert: Redbush Tea   
Notes: Grown in South Africa
Song / Music: Adams Family Theme (Cover version)
Dec 2007 Company: James
Advert: Villa Holidays   
Notes: Go With The flow, Not The Masses
Song / Music: Run Rabbit Run (Instrumental) (Cover version)
Dec 2007 Company: Nestle
Advert: Quality Street
Notes: Christmas Tree Made of Quality Street
Song / Music: Tempus Adest Floridum (Good King Wenceslas) (Special Piano Arrangement) (Commissioned track)
Dec 2007 Company: ScS Sofas
Advert: Double Discount Sale
Song / Music: I'm So Excited (Special Version) (Commissioned track)
Dec 2007 Company: Bernard Matthews
Advert: Golden Norfolk Turkey
Notes: On The Big Day
Song / Music: Never On Sunday (Re-worded Special Version) (Commissioned track)
Nov 2007 Company: McDonalds
Advert: Festive Menu
Notes: Christmas Shopping Escape
Song / Music: Great Escape (Cover version)
Oct 2007 Company: Lloyds Pharmaceutical
Advert: Optislim Products
Notes: 10% Discount Offer
Song / Music: "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty (Commissioned track)
Sep 2007 Company: Ikea
Advert: Flat Pack Furniture   
Notes: House or Home
Song / Music: Green Green Grass of Home (Instrumental) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2007 Company: B&Q
Advert: B&Q
Song / Music: Let's Fall In Love (Instrumental, Special version)
Jul 2007 Company: Orange
Advert: Gigs and Tours
Notes: Pop Up Music Event
Song / Music: I Like Music (Commissioned track)
Jun 2007 Company: Vodafone
Advert: The internet is now mobile
Notes: Raining bits of clocks and watches
Song / Music: Little April Shower   
Apr 2007 Company: Tetley
Advert: Tea
Notes: Everyone's Cup of Tea
Song / Music: Adams Family Theme (Cover version)
Nov 2006 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Corn Flakes with a hint of Honey
Notes: Bees Clocking In
Song / Music: You're Gonna Lose Your Gal (Instrumental - Special Adaptation to Fit) (Commissioned track)
Oct 2006 Company: Jameson
Advert: Irish Whiskey
Notes: Harpist
Song / Music: 20th century boy (Played on a harp) (Commissioned track)
May 2006 Company: Halifax Building Society
Advert: Mortgages
Notes: Mortgage Advisor
Song / Music: Minnie The Moocher (Inspired by Cab Calloway Song) (Commissioned track)
Apr 2006 Company: Independent, The
Advert: Newspaper   
Notes: Series of ads 2006 onwards
Song / Music: Still DRE (Instrumental) (Special Recording) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2006 Company: Automobile Association
Advert: Member Services   
Notes: You've Got AA Friend
Song / Music: You've Got a Friend
Dec 2005 Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Advert: SJP Lovely Fragrance   
Notes: Just To Be In Love
Song / Music: Just to Be In Love With You (Commissioned track)
Apr 2005 Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Advert: Cif Bathroom Spray   
Notes: The Perfect Cleaner For An Imperfect World
Song / Music: Who Let The Dogs Out (Special Version)
Dec 2004 Company: Mitsubishi
Advert: L200 Warrior
Notes: Short Cut to Hotel
Song / Music: You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Commissioned track)   
Dec 2004 Company: Ernest Jones
Advert: Jewellers
Song / Music: The Way You Look Tonight (Commissioned track)
Nov 2004 Company: Hormel Foods
Advert: Spam   
Notes: Up For The Taste
Song / Music: Spam Up (Commissioned track)
Nov 1998 Company: Woolworths
Advert: Christmas 1998   
Notes: Spread The Magic Further
Song / Music: Winter Wonderland (Commissioned track)   
1995 Company: Legal & General
Advert: Life Insurance   
Notes: Man going to work open a letter with a cheque
Song / Music: Bring Me Sunshine (Whistled instrumental version) (Cover version)
1994 Company: Tennents
Advert: Pilsner Lager   
Notes: Masochist
Song / Music: Love Hurts
1994 Company: Tennents
Advert: Pilsner Lager   
Notes: The Sadist
Song / Music: Love Hurts
1993 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Corn Pops   
Notes: Just Like Crunching Popcorn
Song / Music: Popcorn (Custom Version) (Commissioned track)
1992 Company: Heineken
Advert: Lager   
Notes: Pools Winner
Song / Music: Big Spender (Special Arrangement) (Commissioned track)
1989 Company: Tetley
Advert: Tea Bags   
Notes: Flavour All Round
Song / Music: Hound Dog (Parody) (Cover version)
1988 Company: British Telecom
Advert: Pay Phones   
Notes: It's You We Answer To
Song / Music: Boys
1984 Company: Typhoo
Advert: Tea   
Notes: You Only Get An OO with Typhoo
Song / Music: Peggy Sue (Parody)
1981 Company: Co-op
Advert: Merry Christmas 1981   
Notes: Caring Sharing
Song / Music: Christmas Song Medley (Commissioned track)
1970s Company: Cadbury
Advert: Double Decker   
Notes: It Aint' Half A Bar
Song / Music: Love and Marriage (Parody) (Cover version)
Oct 1968 Company: Allied Breweries
Advert: Double Diamond
Notes: A Double Diamond Works Wonders!
Song / Music: There's a hole in my bucket (Parody using "A Double Diamond works wonders, So drink one today!") (Cover version)

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