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Neil Morrissey
Profession: Actor
Neil Morrissey is best known for playing Tony in Men Behaving Badly

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Neil Morrissey
On Air Company / Advert Type Details
Mar 2010 Company: Tesco
Advert: Beer, Lager and Cider
Notes: Bargain Beer for Easter
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2008 Company: Tesco
Advert: Spirits any 2 - 1 Litre bottles for £20
Notes: Served With Ice & a Tesco Slice
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2007 Company: Homebase
Advert: 20% Off Christmas Lights   
Notes: Dazzling Christmas Lights
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2004 Company: Homebase
Advert: Christmas Shop   
Notes: Season To Be Jolly
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2002 Company: Bendicks
Advert: Mingles
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2000 Company: John West
Advert: Salmon   
Notes: Bear fighting advert
Notes: Voice-over
Feb 2000 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Kellogg's
Notes: Voice-over
2000 Company: Homebase
Advert: Home Improvement Supplier   
Notes: Price Challenge
Notes: Appearance
May 1999 Company: Homebase
Advert: DIY Stores   
Notes: You're Better off
Notes: Appearance
May 1999 Company: Rivella
Advert: Rivella
Notes: Appearance
May 1998 Company: Thresher Wine
Advert: Thresher Wine
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 1997 Company: Honda
Advert: CRV
Notes: Appearance
Nov 1997 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Corn Flakes with "Scrunchy Bag"
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 1997 Company: Mars Inc.
Advert: Snickers
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 1997 Company: Coca-Cola
Advert: MTV Promotion
Notes: Appearance
1996 Company: Procter & Gamble
Advert: Head and Shoulders
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Pal
Advert: Dog Food
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Advert: Persil Automatic
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Halfords
Advert: Bicycles
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Safeway
Advert: Safeway
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Disney
Advert: Disneyland Paris
Notes: Voice-over

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