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Caroline Quentin
Profession: Actress
Caroline Quentin is best known for playing Dorethy in Men Behaving Badly, once being married to Paul Merton and playing the part of Madelline Magellan in Jonathan Creek

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Caroline Quentin
On Air Company / Advert Type Details
Sep 2010 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Food Ingredients   
Notes: Cheats
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2010 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Dine In For £10   
Notes: Because it’s Only a Tenner
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2010 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Food & Wine
Notes: Just Because
Notes: Appearance
May 2009 Company: Noble Foods Ltd
Advert: Happy Eggs   
Notes: British Free Range
Notes: Voice-over
Feb 2005 Company: Tesco
Advert: Car Insurance Replacement Car
Notes: Voice-over
Sep 2000 Company: Seven Seas
Advert: Pure Cod Liver Oil
Notes: Voice-over
Sep 1999 Company: Kraft Foods UK Ltd
Advert: Philadelphia Cream Cheese   
Notes: Cool Creamy
Notes: Appearance
May 1999 Company: Dabs
Advert: Hand Cleaner
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Company: Meltus
Advert: Cough Mixture
Notes: Voice-over
Oct 1997 Company: Kimberly-Clark
Advert: Kotex Ultra
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Energy Centre
Advert: Energy Centre
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Colgate
Advert: Total
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Settlers
Advert: Wind-eze
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Safeway
Advert: Safeway
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Company: Kodak
Advert: Advantix
Notes: Voice-over

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