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Aug 2010 Chocolate Bars   
Notes: Spots v Stripes
Artist: Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Song / Music: Hotcha Cornia (Hotcha Chornya) (Russian Folk Songs)   
Aug 2010 Chocolate Bars   
Notes: Spots v Stripes - Grandstand
Artist: Keith Mansfield
Song / Music: BBC Grandstand Theme
Jun 2010 Flake   
Notes: Beauty and Delicacy
Artist: Yulia Lobova
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Baillie Walsh
Notes: Director
Apr 2010 Chocolate   
Notes: Charmer
Artist: The Charlatans
Song / Music: The Only One I Know   
May 2009 Clusters   
Notes: How Wonderfully Odd
Artist: Sammy Cahn
Song / Music: Let It Snow! (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Jan 2009 Dairy Milk Chocolate   
Notes: The Eyebrows Dance
Artist: Freestyle
Song / Music: Don't Stop the Rock      
Sep 2008 Dairy Milk Chocolate   
Notes: Gorilla Drumming - 2
Artist: Garon Michael
Notes: The Drumming Gorilla
Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Song / Music: Total Eclipse Of The Heart   
Sep 2008 Dairy Milk Chocolate   
Notes: Airport Trucks Racing - 2
Artist: Bon Jovi
Song / Music: Living on a Prayer   
Jul 2008 Trident Fresh Gum
Notes: Messes with your head
Artist: Jim Waller and the Deltas
Song / Music: Soul Beat Pt II   
Mar 2008 Flake   
Notes: In the recording studio
Artist: Joss Stone
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2008 Dairy Milk   
Notes: Airport Trucks Racing
Artist: Queen
Song / Music: Don't Stop Me Now   
Feb 2008 Crunchie   
Notes: Rollercoaster
Artist: The Pointer Sisters
Song / Music: I'm So Excited   
Feb 2008 Chocolate Digestive Biscuits   
Notes: Hair dryer used to melt Chocolate onto Biscuit
Artist: The Boy Least Likely To
Song / Music: I'm Glad I Hitched my Apple Wagon to Your Star      
Feb 2008 Trident Soft Gum   
Notes: Photocopier Journey
Artist: Alex Pavlik
Notes: Animal in Forest
Artist: The Crimea
Song / Music: Loop A Loop   
Aug 2007 Dairy Milk
Notes: Featuring a drumming gorilla
Artist: Garon Michael
Notes: The Drumming Gorilla
Artist: Phil Collins
Song / Music: In The Air Tonight   
Mar 2007 Creme Eggs
Notes: Eat It Your Way
Artist: Frank Sinatra
Song / Music: My Way (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Feb 2007 Flake
Notes: Summer Rain, Convertible
Artist: Jake Scott
Notes: Director
Artist: Alyssa Sutherland
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Dave Lawson
Song / Music: Flake music re-worked (Co-composed with Ronnie Bond) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2006 Dairy Milk   
Notes: Schoolboy Love
Artist: Dusty Springfield
Song / Music: Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart   
Artist: Laura Donnelly
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Lyndon Ogbourne
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2001 Time Out Artist: Leslie Phillips
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2001 Double Decker    Artist: Charlie Chuck
Notes: Appearance
May 2000 Wispa Bite Artist: Declan 'Dec' Donnelly
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Anthony 'Ant' McPartlin
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2000 Milk Tray Artist: Bentley Rhythm Ace
Song / Music: Let There be Flutes   
Feb 2000 Cadbury Artist: 2 Mad
Song / Music: Thinkin' About Your Body
2000 Milk Tray
Notes: The Lady Loves...
Artist: Alan Riley
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Alan Hawkshaw
Song / Music: The Night Rider
Sep 1999 Cadbury Artist: Tony Jackson
Notes: Voice-over
May 1999 Jestive Artist: Buster Bloodvessel
Notes: Appearance
Apr 1999 Highlights Artist: Errol Brown
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Errol Brown
Song / Music: I'll Put You Together Again   
Apr 1999 Jestive Artist: Bad Manners
Song / Music: Special Brew   
Jul 1998 Cream Egg Artist: The Coasters
Song / Music: Float On
Mar 1998 Wispa Artist: Louise Lombard
Notes: Appearance
1998 Strollers Artist: Black
Song / Music: Wonderful Life   
Feb 1997 Wispa Artist: Lloyd Grossman
Notes: Appearance
1996 Wispa Gold    Artist: Windsor Davies
Notes: Appearance
1996 Choco-mania Artist: Lenny Henry
Notes: Appearance
1996 Cream Egg Artist: Matt Lucas
Notes: Appearance
1996 Wispa Artist: Griff Rhys Jones
Notes: Appearance
1990 Roses   
Notes: Say Thank You ....
Artist: Patricia Routledge
Notes: Appearance
Apr 1987 Flake   
Notes: French Chateau Lizard on Phone
Artist: Deborah Leng
Notes: Appearance
Jul 1985 Flake   
Notes: Gypsy girl walks through Sunflower Field
Artist: Janice Neevy
Notes: Appearance
Jun 1985 Flake
Notes: Girl in Boat Goes Through Waterfall
Artist: Catrina Skepper
Notes: Appearance
1984 Wispa Chocolate Bar   
Notes: Bite It and Believe It
Artist: Paul Nicholas
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Jan Francis
Notes: Appearance
1984 Wispa    Artist: Simon Cadell
Notes: Playing Jeffrey Fairbrother
Artist: Ruth Madoc
Notes: Playing Gladys Pugh
1982 Wispa Artist: John Le Mesurier
Notes: Playing Sergeant Wilson
Artist: Arthur Lowe
Notes: Playing Captain Mainwaring
1980s Smash   
Notes: For Mash Get Smash
Artist: Joe Loss And His Orchestra
Song / Music: Wheels Cha-Cha   
1980s Milk Tray Selection Box   
Notes: Cliff Dive
Artist: Gary Myers
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Cliff Adams
Song / Music: The Night Rider (Commissioned track)
1975 Fruit & Nut Chocolate   
Notes: Everyone's A Fruit & Nut-Case
Artist: Frank Muir
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Song / Music: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy   
1973 Smash   
Notes: Martian Visitors
Artist: Cliff Adams
Song / Music: Smash Jingle (Commissioned track)
Sep 1970 Flake
Notes: Austrian Skiing
Artist: Eva Reuber-Staier
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Ridley Scott
Notes: Director
1970s Double Decker   
Notes: It Aint' Half A Bar
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Love and Marriage (Parody) (Cover version)
1964 Roses
Notes: Grow On You
Artist: Norman Vaughan
Notes: Appearance

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