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Company: Coca-Cola

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On Air  Advert  Type Artist / Details 
Apr 2010 Five Alive Drink   
Notes: Dancing Dodo
Artist: Don Fardon
Song / Music: I'm Alive   
Feb 2010 Powerade   
Notes: Rooney VS Rooney
Artist: Wayne Rooney
Notes: Appearance
Sep 2009 Diet Coke   
Notes: Hello You
Artist: Alphabeat
Song / Music: Fascination   
Feb 2009 Diet Coke   
Notes: I'm No Superwoman
Artist: Duffy
Song / Music: I've Gotta Be Me (Cover version)
Artist: Duffy
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2009 Capri-Sun 100% Juice   
Notes: Supermarket
Artist: Ray Parker Jr.
Song / Music: Ghostbusters (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2008 Coke Zero7   
Notes: Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 - James Bond - Quantum of Solace
Artist: Jack White
Song / Music: Another Way to Die (Instrumental version)
Jun 2007 Coca-Cola
Notes: Grand Theft Coke
Artist: Nanskii
Song / Music: You Give A Little Love (Coke GTA) (Commissioned track)
Jan 2007 Diet Coke
Notes: Lift Maintenance Man
Artist: Francois Xavier
Notes: Maintenance Man
Artist: Etta James
Song / Music: I just want to make love to you   
Sep 2006 Sprite Zero
Notes: Go as You Are !
Artist: Puretone
Song / Music: Totally Addicted to Bass      
Aug 2006 Official FIFA World Cup Sponsor Artist: Limbo
Song / Music: Canon in D (Cover version)
Dec 2005 Soft Drink   
Notes: Arctic Beach Party
Artist: The Beach Boys
Song / Music: Little Saint Nick   
Feb 2005 Dr Pepper Diet Cherry & Vanilla   
Notes: Get Lost In It
Artist: The Muppets
Song / Music: Mahna Mahna
Mar 2004 5 Alive Squash
Notes: Mum drinks 5 Alive
Artist: Pigbag
Song / Music: Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (Cover version)
Mar 2004 Diet Coke
Notes: Window Dressers
Artist: Christine Bottomley
Notes: Window watcher
Artist: Detroit Cobras
Song / Music: Cha Cha Twist (Cover version)   
Feb 2004 Coca-Cola   
Notes: Girl Giving Away Bottles of Coke
Artist: Sharlene Hector
Song / Music: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (Cover version)
Nov 2003 Diet Coke
Notes: Checkout
Artist: Charles Sheffield
Song / Music: It's Your Voodoo Working   
Jul 2003 Diet Coke
Notes: Must Be a Diet Coke Thing
Artist: Brothers Johnson
Song / Music: Strawberry Letter 23   
Jul 2002 Diet Coke With Lemon   
Notes: Taste The Moment
Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
Song / Music: Boom! Shake The Room   
Jul 2002 Coca-Cola
Notes: Lawnmower to the Beach advert
Artist: Pierre Henry
Song / Music: Psyche rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)   
Jun 2002 Diet Artist: Labelle
Song / Music: Lady Marmalade   
Jun 2002 Coca-Cola   
Notes: Animated Super Sub
Artist: Backyard Dog
Song / Music: Baddest Ruffest   
2002 Coca-Cola
Notes: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets promotion
Artist: Stephen Fry
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 2000 Diet Artist: Donna Summer
Song / Music: Love To Love You Baby (Cover version)   
May 1999 Diet Coke
Notes: Window Cleaner
Artist: Etta James
Song / Music: I just want to make love to you   
May 1999 Coca-Cola Artist: Nick Hancock
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Diet Artist: Peter Lawlor
Song / Music: Passion Springs (Commissioned track)
Jan 1999 Coca-Cola Artist: Transglobal Underground
Song / Music: Temple Head   
Jan 1999 Diet Artist: Nina Simone
Song / Music: I Put A Spell On You   
Jul 1998 Soft Drink    
Notes: Coca Cola Is It
Artist: Robin Beck
Song / Music: First Time
Jul 1998 Diet Artist: Etta James
Song / Music: I Just Wanna Make Love To You   
Mar 1998 Coca-Cola Artist: Blondie
Song / Music: Atomic   
Jun 1997 MTV Promotion Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Appearance
1996 Diet Coke
Notes: Building Site
Artist: Lucky Vanous
Notes: Male Model
Artist: Etta James
Song / Music: I Just Wanna Make Love to You   
1996 Coca-Cola Artist: Collapsed Lung
Song / Music: Eat My Goal   
Jun 1973 Soft Drink
Notes: Ice Cold Coke on the Back of my Throat
Artist: Bobby Goldsboro
Song / Music: Hello Summertime (Commissioned track)

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