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Products: Baileys, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff

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On Air  Advert  Type Artist / Details 
Jul 2009 Gordon's Gin   
Notes: Done
Artist: Gordon Ramsay
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2009 Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Notes: Got a little Captain in You?
Artist: Brian Cox
Notes: Voice-over
Mar 2009 Guinness Draught   
Notes: 250 Years - Pint of Precision Percussion
Artist: Ged Adamson and Lee Wilson Wolfe
Song / Music: Music Machine (Commissioned track)
Nov 2008 Baileys Irish Cream
Notes: Music To Your Lips
Artist: Q Department Sound Design
Song / Music: Boo Hoo (Commissioned track)
Jan 2008 Guinness   
Notes: The Dot
Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Song / Music: Mr Blue Sky   
Artist: Donald Sutherland
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2007 Guinness Draught   
Notes: The Tipping Point
Artist: Enrique Granados
Song / Music: Spanish Dance No.6 (Special Arrangement) (Commissioned track)
Artist: Nicolai Fugslig
Notes: Director
Nov 2007 Johnnie Walker
Notes: Striding Man
Artist: Karl Jenkins
Song / Music: In Caelum Fero (Special Recording)   
Oct 2007 Baileys and Ice
Notes: Shake It
Artist: Billy Byrd And His Penguins
Song / Music: Boom Pacha Boom   
Aug 2007 Smirnoff Vodka   
Notes: Extraordinary Purification
Artist: Peter Raeburn
Song / Music: Celebrare (Commissioned track)   
Feb 2006 Guinness Draught   
Notes: Fridge Man
Artist: Acker Bilk
Song / Music: That's My Home   
Dec 2005 Guinness Draught
Notes: Noitulove
Artist: Sammy Davis Jr.
Song / Music: The Rhythm of Life (Cover version)
Dec 2005 Gordon's Gin
Notes: Paint by Numbers
Artist: Status Quo
Song / Music: Pictures of Matchstick Men   
Apr 2005 Smirnoff Ice   
Notes: Uri (Series of ads)
Artist: Quarashi
Song / Music: Copycat   
Artist: Omar Swarez
Notes: Uri
Mar 2005 Baileys Irish Cream   
Notes: Dance With Me
Artist: Human
Song / Music: If You Wanna Play With Me (Feat. Rhea) (Commissioned track)
Jan 2005 Guinness Draught
Notes: The Backpacker
Artist: The Prodigy
Song / Music: Spitfire   
Oct 2004 Smirnoff Red Vodka
Notes: The Diamond Story
Artist: Walter Murph & The Big Apple Band
Song / Music: A Fifth of Beethoven (Cover version)   
Aug 2004 Guinness
Notes: Now We've Got Something To Talk About
Artist: Detroit Cobras
Song / Music: Ya Ya Ya (Looking for My Baby)
Jul 2004 Gordon's Gin
Notes: Spillage
Artist: Patrick Dawes
Song / Music: The Birds and The Bees
Mar 2004 Guinness
Notes: Moths
Artist: Benny Goodman
Song / Music: Sing Sing Sing (Cover version)   
Mar 2004 Baileys Irish Cream   
Notes: Zero Gravity
Artist: 4Hero
Song / Music: Les Fleur (Cover version)   
Mar 2004 Guinness   
Notes: Moths
Artist: Louis Prima
Song / Music: Sing, Sing, Sing      
Dec 2003 Smirnoff Black Ice Artist: Chicken Lips
Song / Music: He Not In   
Apr 2003 Baileys Irish Cream   
Notes: Let your senses guide you
Artist: Mr Natural
Song / Music: Do You Feel What I'm Thinking (Feat. Chantal Matar)      
Mar 2003 Smirnoff Red Artist: Craig Parkinson
Notes: Dolphin trainer
Mar 2003 Smirnoff Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Song / Music: Fanfare For The Common Man   
Sep 2002 Gordon's Gin Artist: Coco Steel & Lovebomb
Song / Music: Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix)
May 2002 Smirnoff Ice Artist: Jonny Corporate
Song / Music: Sunday Shoutin'   
May 2002 Smirnoff
Notes: "If Smirnoff made..." Advert
Artist: William Franklin
Notes: Voice-over
Mar 2002 Guinness   
Notes: Hurling Match advert
Artist: Morgan Van Dan
Song / Music: Free In
2002 Smirnoff Ice   
Notes: Laundry
Artist: Caesars
Song / Music: (I'm Gonna) Kick You Out   
Aug 2001 Guinness   
Notes: Dreamer advert
Artist: Lalo Schifrin
Song / Music: Summer Samba (Cover version)
Apr 2001 Guinness
Notes: Couple spitting fire advert
Artist: Lamb
Song / Music: Gorecki   
Apr 2001 Smirnoff Artist: Robin Datta and Ben Ford
Song / Music: Rock-It Fuel
Feb 2001 Guinness   
Notes: Couple messing about in rain
Artist: Unit 4+2
Song / Music: Concrete And Clay   
Nov 2000 Smirnoff Ice   
Notes: As Clear As Your Conscience
Artist: Rocky Marshall
Notes: Guy in the blue shirt
Nov 2000 Baileys Irish Cream
Notes: Woman trying to mime a Baileys
Artist: Louise Taylor
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2000 Baileys Irish Cream   
Notes: Let Your Senses Guide You
Artist: Slick Sixty
Song / Music: Wrestler   
Jun 2000 Baileys Irish Cream
Notes: Thief
Artist: Tessa Langmead
Song / Music: One thing and another
Feb 2000 Smirnoff   
Notes: Orwellian/bowling ball advert
Artist: The Pixies
Song / Music: Tame   
Feb 2000 Baileys Irish Cream Artist: Blondie
Song / Music: One way or another   
Feb 2000 Guinness Breo Artist: James Nesbitt
Notes: Appearance
2000 Guinness   
Notes: Snail racing advert
Artist: Beny More
Song / Music: Babarabatiri (with Perez Prado and his orchestra)   
Nov 1999 Smirnoff Ice Artist: Ben Homewood
Notes: Petrol Station Shopper
May 1999 Guinness Artist: Tot Taylor
Song / Music: Incidentally Robert
May 1999 Guinness   
Notes: White horses in the sea advert
Artist: Leftfield
Song / Music: Phat Planet   
May 1999 Baileys Irish Cream Artist: Barry Adamson
Song / Music: The Big Bamboozle   
1999 Smirnoff Ice   
Notes: Not When I'm With Me Mates!
Artist: Dean Gaffney
Notes: Appearance
Jan 1999 Guinness Artist: Mizzi Gaynor
Song / Music: I'm Going To Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
Jan 1999 Smirnoff Red Artist: Al Bowlly and Ray Noble Orchestra
Song / Music: Midnight The Stars And You   
Jan 1999 Guinness   
Notes: NOT Everything in Black & White Makes Sense
Artist: Michael Holliday
Song / Music: The Story Of My Life   
Jan 1999 Guinness Artist: Al Jolson
Song / Music: I'm Sitting On Top Of The World   
Jan 1999 Smirnoff Red Artist: Dylan Rhymes
Song / Music: Naked And Ashamed   
Jan 1999 Smirnoff Black   
Notes: Russian Revolution
Artist: Vangelis
Song / Music: Conquest Of Paradise   
Jan 1999 Guinness   
Notes: Swim Black
Artist: Perez 'Prez' Prado
Song / Music: Mambo No 5   
Jul 1998 Guinness   
Notes: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Artist: Perez 'Prez' Prado
Song / Music: Guiglione   
Jul 1998 Guinness Artist: DJ Shadow
Song / Music: Stem   
Jun 1997 Guinness   
Notes: Statistics
Artist: Arab Strap
Song / Music: 1st Big Weekend   
1996 Guinness
Notes: The Big Pint: Chinaman
Artist: Future Sound Of London
Song / Music: We Have Explosive   
Jul 1994 Guinness   
Notes: Fly Through Twice
Artist: Louis Armstrong
Song / Music: We Have All The Time In The World   
1994 Guinness Draught   
Notes: No time like Guinness Time - Anticipation
Artist: Joe McKinney
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Perez 'Prez' Prado
Song / Music: Guaglione   
1987 Guinness   
Notes: Featuring a dolphin
Artist: Rutger Hauer
Notes: Appearance

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