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On Air  Advert  Type Artist / Details 
May 2008 Difficult is Worth Doing
Notes: Honda - The Power of Dreams
Artist: Esquivel
Song / Music: The Breeze & I (Andalucia)   
Feb 2008 FCX Clarity
Notes: Problem Playground
Artist: Mark Mothersbaugh
Song / Music: Ping Island
Jun 2007 Civic   
Notes: Choir
Artist: Steve Sidwell
Song / Music: Original Composition (Commissioned track)
May 2007 Hondamentalism   
Notes: Something Special
Artist: Garrison Keillor
Notes: Voice-over
Dec 2005 The Power of Dreams   
Notes: Hot Air Balloon
Artist: Andy Williams
Song / Music: The Impossible Dream   
Artist: Ivan Zacharias
Notes: Director
Jun 2005 Innovations   
Notes: Crazy Sensible
Artist: Marilynn Smith
Song / Music: Fanfare for the Crazy-Sensible (Commissioned track)
Artist: Garrison Keillor
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2004 Diesel   
Notes: Hate Something, Change Something
Artist: Garrison Keillor
Song / Music: The Grrr Song (Commissioned track)
Artist: Garrison Keillor
Notes: Voice-over
May 2004 Honda
Notes: 'If things knew when they weren't being used...'
Artist: Paul Clark
Song / Music: Sense (Commissioned track)
Apr 2003 Accord
Notes: Cog
Artist: Garrison Keillor
Notes: Voice-over
Artist: Sugarhill Gang
Song / Music: Rapper's Delight   
2002 Honda
Notes: What If advert
Artist: Thievery Corporation
Song / Music: Vivid   
2002 Civic Artist: Andre Popp
Song / Music: Java (Remix version)   
Apr 2001 Honda Artist: Anastacia
Song / Music: Made For Lovin' You   
Mar 2001 Civic Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Song / Music: Two Tribes   
Apr 1999 CRV Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 1999 Civic Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Honda Artist: The Animals
Song / Music: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place   
Jan 1999 Accord Artist: Irene Cara
Song / Music: Flashdance (What A Feeling)   
1999 Accord Artist: Kula Shaker
Song / Music: Mystical Machine Gun   
1998 Accord Artist: Space
Song / Music: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Cover version)   
Nov 1997 CRV Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Appearance
Nov 1997 CRV Artist: Martin Clunes
Notes: Appearance

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