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On Air  Advert  Type Artist / Details 
Sep 2009 Opticians - 2 for 1 Offer   
Notes: Postman Pat Breaks His Glasses
Artist: Ken Barrie
Notes: Postman Pat
Apr 2009 Opticians   
Notes: Unexpected Ride
Artist: Patricia England
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Hugh Futcher
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2009 Free Varifocals   
Notes: Advertising Demolition
Artist: Nigel Winder
Notes: Boss
Artist: Jon Foster
Notes: Harrison
Apr 2009 Hearing Aids   
Notes: Hearing Dog
Artist: John Sessions
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 2008 Free Reactions Lenses
Notes: Thunderbirds Are Go
Artist: Tobias Fouracre
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Barry Gray
Song / Music: Excerpts From Original Thunderbirds Soundtrack   
Feb 2008 Specsavers   
Notes: Sheep Shearing
Artist: Petur Andreas Petersen
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Una Palliser
Song / Music: Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling) (Commissioned track)
Jan 2008 Opticians   
Notes: Regretted not going to Specsavers
Artist: Edith Piaf
Song / Music: Non Je Ne Regrette Rein
Dec 2007 Opticians   
Notes: Flaming Turkey
Artist: Riffs Music & Sound Design
Song / Music: Untitled (Commissioned track)
Artist: Paris Jefferson
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2007 Digital Hearing Aids
Notes: Ears
Artist: Ged Adamson and Lee Wilson Wolfe
Song / Music: Ears (Commissioned track)
Oct 2007 Opticians   
Notes: 2 for 1 Designer Glasses
Artist: Hedrex
Song / Music: Dreamboat 2
Apr 2007 Free Reactions Lens   
Notes: Hot Air Balloon
Artist: Alex Childs
Notes: Appearance
Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Song / Music: To Build A Home   
Feb 2007 30% Discount   
Notes: Juggler
Artist: Michal Topinka
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Lenka Trckova
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Paul Sumpter
Song / Music: Specially Composed (Commissioned track)
Feb 2007 2 for 1 Designer Glasses   
Notes: Dark Twisted
Artist: Wayne Roberts
Song / Music: Untitled (Commissioned track)
Artist: Luke Scott
Notes: Director
Nov 2006 Contact Lens Free Trial   
Notes: Butterflies
Artist: Claude Vasori
Song / Music: Folk Guitar   
May 2006 Designer Sunglasses 2 For 1 Offer   
Notes: Bad Neighbourhood
Artist: Malcolm Pardon
Song / Music: Unknown Title (Not Released) (Commissioned track)
Jun 2005 Designer Sunglasses
Notes: Photograph
Artist: Tim Vincent
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2002 Specsavers Artist: Pamela Cundell
Notes: Grandma
May 1999 Opticians   
Notes: See Forever
Artist: Stephen Hawking
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Michael Stearns
Song / Music: Theme to Baraka   
Jan 1999 Specsavers Artist: Johann Sebastian Strauss
Song / Music: Blue Danube
Jun 1998 Specsavers Artist: L. Subramaniam
Song / Music: Wandering Saint   
Artist: David Shepherd
Notes: Appearance
Mar 1998 Specsavers Artist: Camille Saint-Saens
Song / Music: Aquarium (from Carnaval des Animaux)
1997 Specsavers Artist: Pat Roach
Notes: Appearance

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