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Oct 2009 iPod Nano With Video Camera   
Notes: Nano Shoots Video
Artist: Miss Li
Song / Music: Bourgeois Shangri-La (Feat. Amanda Jenssen)
Mar 2009 iPod Touch 2G   
Notes: More Fun
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Song / Music: No You Girls Never Know   
Oct 2008 iPod Touch 2G   
Notes: The Funnest iPod Ever
Artist: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Song / Music: Around The Bend   
Sep 2008 iPod Nano-Chromatic   
Notes: Thinnest ipod Ever
Artist: Chairlift
Song / Music: Bruises   
Aug 2008 iPhone 3g   
Notes: Everyone
Artist: The Submarines
Song / Music: You Me And The Bourgeoisie      
Jul 2008 iPhone 3G   
Notes: The phone to beat the iPhone
Artist: David Holmes
Song / Music: $165 Million + Interest [into] The Round Up   
May 2008 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Multi coloured dancing with an ipod
Artist: The Ting Tings
Song / Music: Shut Up And Let Me Go   
May 2008 iTunes    Artist: Coldplay
Song / Music: Viva La Vida   
Artist: Coldplay
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2008 iPod Touch    Artist: The Bird and The Bee
Song / Music: La La La   
Feb 2008 Mac Book Air   
Notes: Mac Book Air is taken out of an envelope
Artist: Yael Naim
Notes: New Soul
Nov 2007 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Silhouettes Dancing
Artist: Mary J. Blige
Song / Music: Work That      
Artist: Mary J. Blige
Notes: Appearance
Sep 2007 iMac   
Notes: All In One Screens
Artist: Honeycut
Song / Music: Exodus Honey      
Sep 2007 iPod Nano   
Notes: Now in a range of colours
Artist: Fiest
Song / Music: One Two Three Four
Sep 2007 iPhone   
Notes: Amazing
Artist: Orba Squara
Song / Music: Perfect Timing (This Morning)
Jun 2007 iTunes & iPod
Notes: Paul McCartney plays "Dance Tonight" against multicoloured background
Artist: Paul McCartney
Song / Music: Dance Tonight   
Artist: Paul McCartney
Notes: Appearance
May 2007 iTunes & iPod   
Notes: Silhouettes are dancing against colourful backgrounds
Artist: Quantic & Nickodemus
Song / Music: Mi Swing Es Tropical (Feat. Tempo)   
Mar 2007 Mac
Notes: Get a Mac campaign
Artist: David Mitchell
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Robert Webb
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2007 iPod & iTunes
Notes: Coloured silhouettes party
Artist: Fratellis
Song / Music: Flathead   
Jan 2007 iPod Shuffle 2G   
Notes: Tops
Artist: Prototypes
Song / Music: Who's Gonna Sing?   
Sep 2006 iPod Nano   
Notes: Colour Trails
Artist: Cut Chemist
Song / Music: The Audience's Listening   
Sep 2006 iPod & iTunes
Notes: Bob Dylan sings "Someday Baby" from 'Modern Times' album
Artist: Bob Dylan
Song / Music: Someday Baby   
Artist: Bob Dylan
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2006 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Acrobatic dancing on coloured backgrounds
Artist: Wolfmother
Song / Music: Love Train   
Apr 2006 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Album covers foldout to form a city skyline
Artist: Rinocerose
Song / Music: Cubicle   
Mar 2006 Mac
Notes: Intel chips are inside Apple Mac computers.
Artist: Kiefer Sutherland
Notes: Voice-over
Feb 2006 iTunes & iPod   
Notes: Wynton Marsalis silhouette playing
Artist: Wynton Marsalis
Song / Music: Sparks
Artist: Wynton Marsalis
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2006 iPod & iTunes
Notes: Eminem performs his single "Lose Yourself"
Artist: Eminem
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Eminem
Song / Music: Lose Yourself   
Jan 2006 iTunes
Notes: Love
Artist: Bright Eyes
Song / Music: First Day of My Life   
Jan 2006 Video iPod   
Notes: Watch Your Music - Original of the Species live from Chicago video
Artist: U2
Song / Music: Original of the Species (Live)
Nov 2005 Mac
Notes: What power means...
Artist: Spike Lee
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2005 Mac
Notes: Cultural engineer
Artist: Dave Stewart
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2005 Powerbook Artist: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2005 Mac
Notes: What is power?
Artist: Marlee Matlin
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2005 iPod Shuffle   
Notes: Silhouettes of people dancing with iPod
Artist: Caesars
Song / Music: Jerk It Out   
Sep 2005 iPod Nano
Notes: Impossibly small
Artist: The Resource
Song / Music: Gimme That (ft Jimmy Napes)
Aug 2005 iPod
Notes: Animation of man on bike in police chase
Artist: Survivor
Song / Music: Eye of the Tiger   
May 2005 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Rollerskating silhouettes on coloured background
Artist: Gorillaz
Song / Music: Feel Good Inc.   
Mar 2005 iPod   
Notes: Silhouettes singing & dancing on coloured backgrounds
Artist: Daft Punk
Song / Music: Technologic   
Dec 2004 iPod Mini
Notes: Teacher George Masters' psychedelic animated ad
Artist: The Darling Buds
Song / Music: Tiny Machine
Oct 2004 iPod & iTunes
Notes: Silhouette dancer with iPod on colour background
Artist: U2
Song / Music: Vertigo   
Artist: U2
Notes: Appearance
Sep 2004 iPod 4G   
Notes: Silhouettes dancing on coloured backgrounds
Artist: Ozomatli
Song / Music: Saturday Night   
Sep 2004 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Silhouettes dancing against brightly coloured background
Artist: Steriogram
Song / Music: Walkie Talkie Man   
Jul 2004 iPod & iTunes   
Notes: Dancing Posters
Artist: The Vines
Song / Music: Ride   
Jun 2004 iPod   
Notes: Dancing silhouettes on coloured background
Artist: Featurecast
Song / Music: Channel Surfing   
Dec 2003 iPod   
Notes: Silhouette dancer with iPod on colour background
Artist: N.E.R.D.
Song / Music: Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)   
Jun 2003 iPod   
Notes: Dancing silhouette on coloured background
Artist: Jet
Song / Music: Are You Gonna Be My Girl?   
Apr 2003 iPod   
Notes: Dancing silhouettes on coloured background
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Song / Music: Hey Mama   
Mar 2003 Powerbook G4
Notes: Different size Powerbook G4 are used on a plane
Artist: Verne Troyer
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2003 Powerbook Artist: Jeff Goldblum
Notes: Voice-over
Oct 2001 iPod   
Notes: 1000 Songs In Your Pocket
Artist: Propellerheads
Song / Music: Take California   
Apr 2001 IMAC with CD Writer Artist: Muse
Song / Music: Sunburn   
Apr 2001 IMAC with CD Writer Artist: Barry White
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2001 IMAC with CD Writer Artist: George Clinton
Notes: Appearance
2001 iBook Artist: Mirwais
Song / Music: Naive Song   
Oct 2000 "White" Mac Artist: Cream
Song / Music: White Room   
Oct 2000 "Blue" Mac Artist: Elvis Presley
Song / Music: Blue Suede Shoes   
2000 iMac Computer   
Notes: Colours
Artist: Rolling Stones
Song / Music: She's a Rainbow   
Nov 1998 IMac Artist: Jeff Goldblum
Notes: Appearance
Mar 1998 Computers Artist: Richard Dreyfus
Notes: Voice-over

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