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Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Products: Comfort, Dove, Impulse, Lynx, Persil, Surf, Vaseline

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Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
On Air  Advert  Type Artist / Details 
Oct 2010 Lynx Bullet   
Notes: A Quick Fix
Artist: Guy Burnet
Notes: Appearance
Aug 2010 Dove Damage Therapy Hair Care   
Notes: Favourite Things
Artist: Rodgers and Hammerstein
Song / Music: My Favourite Things (Custom Version) (Commissioned track)
May 2010 Sure Men   
Notes: Last 8 Sweepstake
Artist: Julius La Rosa
Song / Music: Eh Cumpari!   
Jul 2009 Sure For Men   
Notes: Pedalo
Artist: Andrew Flintoff
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2009 Lynx Bullet   
Notes: Pocket Pulling Power
Artist: Nicole Muirbrook-Wagner
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Kristin Kreuk
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Elena Satine
Notes: Appearance
Artist: The Seeds
Song / Music: Can't Seem to Make You Mine   
Mar 2009 Flora Products   
Notes: Cooking with Schools Vouchers
Artist: Gary Rhodes
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2009 Lynx Instinct
Notes: Unleash The Man Leather
Artist: Cody ChesnuTT
Song / Music: Look Good In Leather      
Oct 2008 Surf with Essential Oils   
Notes: Enter a Magical World with new Surf Sunshine lemons & bergamot fragrance
Artist: Lisa Mitchell
Song / Music: Neopolitan Dreams   
Aug 2008 Lynx Dry Sharp Focus   
Notes: Keep Focused
Artist: Guitar All-Stars
Song / Music: Blitzkrieg Bop (Commissioned track)
Aug 2008 Persil   
Notes: Small Things Just as Mighty
Artist: Danny Owen
Song / Music: Untitled (Commissioned track)
Aug 2008 Persil
Notes: "small & MIGHTY" featuring a popup book
Artist: Thomas Russell
Song / Music: Flow (Commissioned track)
Aug 2008 Lynx 3   
Notes: Exploding women! - It's Good to Mix Things Up
Artist: Micah P. Hinson
Song / Music: Yard of Blonde Girls   
Jun 2008 Dove Go Fresh Deodorant
Notes: Energising Rush
Artist: Ana Laan
Song / Music: Paradise   
Jan 2008 Lynx Dark Temptation   
Notes: Chocolate Man on Bus
Artist: Allen Toussaint
Song / Music: Sweet Touch of Love   
Aug 2007 Surf with essential oils
Notes: Idyllic Lake
Artist: Alice Russell
Song / Music: Sweet Is The Air   
Aug 2007 Persil
Notes: Roboboy
Artist: Rachel Portman
Song / Music: Untitled (Commissioned track)
Jun 2007 Lynx   
Notes: Boy Next Door
Artist: Brenton Wood
Song / Music: Oogum Boogum   
Jun 2007 Sunsilk   
Notes: Limousine
Artist: Girls Aloud
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Girls Aloud
Song / Music: Boys Are Back In Town (Commissioned track)
Jun 2007 Comfort Concentrate   
Notes: Cover version by sessions musicians called "Filmore Fresh And The Clothworld Crew"
Artist: Billie Piper
Notes: Voice-over
Artist: Reggae Vision
Song / Music: Do De Move (Cover version)
Apr 2007 Surf Concentrated   
Notes: Bursting With Fragrance
Artist: Patience and Prudence
Song / Music: Dreamer's Bay   
Apr 2007 Impulse   
Notes: Everyone loves acting on impulse
Artist: Max Avery Lichtenstein
Song / Music: Tarnation   
Feb 2007 Comfort Fabric Conditioner   
Notes: Comfort Swing
Artist: Koop
Song / Music: I See A Different You      
Dec 2006 Vaseline Intensive Care
Notes: 300 Million Cells
Artist: Michael Nyman
Song / Music: String Quartet No. 2: Mvt 3
Dec 2006 Lynx Body Spray   
Notes: Beach Invasion
Artist: Karl Jenkins
Song / Music: Dies Irae from Requiem
Oct 2006 Persil Non-Bio   
Notes: I Want To Be A Penguin
Artist: Rufus Thomas
Song / Music: Do The Funky Penguin   
Oct 2006 Persil Non Bio   
Notes: Grab Your Own Penguin
Artist: Earth Wind & Fire
Song / Music: Boogie Wonderland   
Jul 2006 Persil Washing   
Notes: Be My Coach
Artist: Steven Gerrard
Notes: Liverpool and England FC
Jul 2006 Lynx Boost Shower Gel   
Notes: Towelboy
Artist: The Blueskins
Song / Music: Change My Mind   
May 2006 Impulse Tease   
Notes: The Chase
Artist: Salt-N-Pepa
Song / Music: Push It   
May 2006 Comfort Creme   
Notes: Soul Music
Artist: Carla Thomas
Song / Music: Comfort Me      
Dec 2005 SJP Lovely Fragrance   
Notes: Just To Be In Love
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Just to Be In Love With You (Commissioned track)
Artist: Sarah Jessica Parker
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2005 Salon Selectives
Notes: Customized Boyfriend
Artist: Dusty Springfield
Song / Music: The Look of Love   
May 2005 Sure for Men   
Notes: Stunt City
Artist: Xavier Cugat
Song / Music: Yo Quiero un Mambo   
Apr 2005 Cif Bathroom Spray   
Notes: The Perfect Cleaner For An Imperfect World
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Who Let The Dogs Out (Special Version)
Apr 2005 Sunsilk   
Notes: Hair Monsters
Artist: Fetisch
Song / Music: Rock, Rock, Rock
Apr 2005 Lynx Snake Peel Shower Scrub
Notes: The Chase
Artist: Cartel de Santa
Song / Music: Factor Miedo (Fear Factor) (Commissioned track)
Apr 2005 Calvin Klein   
Notes: Eternity Moment
Artist: Scarlett Johansson
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2005 Persil
Notes: It's Not Dirt
Artist: The Tams
Song / Music: Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy      
Jan 2005 Lynx Unlimited   
Notes: Oriental Lovers
Artist: Marcello Giombini
Song / Music: Seli      
Sep 2004 Persil
Notes: Face Paint Kids
Artist: Belle Stars
Song / Music: Iko Iko   
Jul 2004 Impulse Body Fragrance
Notes: Love Every Bit
Artist: The Wannadies
Song / Music: Skin      
Jun 2004 Surf
Notes: Sock
Artist: Combustible Edison
Song / Music: Vertigogo   
May 2004 Lux Shower Gel   
Notes: Limousine
Artist: The 411
Song / Music: Dumb      
Artist: Sarah Jessica Parker
Notes: Appearance
May 2004 Lynx   
Notes: Couple Collecting Clothes
Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Song / Music: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Cover version)   
Apr 2004 Persil
Notes: Look Good Play Good
Artist: Michael Owen
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2004 Lynx Dry
Notes: Mermaids
Artist: Fantomas
Song / Music: Book 1: Page 9   
Feb 2004 Lynx Touch
Notes: Waiting Room
Artist: Reactor
Song / Music: Feeling The Love   
Oct 2003 Lynx Pulse (24 Hour Effect)   
Notes: The Lynx Effect
Artist: Morgan Van Dam
Song / Music: I See Girls (Crazy) (Commissioned track)   
Oct 2003 Lynx Dry - Anti-Perspirant
Notes: All Girls Prefer Dry Guys
Artist: Jadell
Song / Music: Hip Joint   
Feb 2003 Impulse Siren Artist: Vera Ward Hall
Song / Music: Another Man Done Gone (Cover version)
Feb 2003 Lynx Pulse    Artist: Oliver Cheatham
Song / Music: Make Luv   
Oct 2002 Impulse Antiperspirant   
Notes: Artists Model - Men Can't Help Acting On Impulse
Artist: Toots & The Maytals
Song / Music: Pressure Drop      
Aug 2002 Impulse
Notes: Moisturising Body Spray
Artist: The Drifters
Song / Music: Adorable   
Mar 2002 Vaseline Intensive Care - Aloe Fresh
Notes: Take Good Care of Yourself
Artist: Mel B
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2002 Lynx Artist: Royksopp
Song / Music: Eple   
Jul 2001 Impulse Bodyspray Artist: Sgt. Rock
Song / Music: Dada Struttin'   
Jun 2001 Persil Capsules Artist: Tornados
Song / Music: Telstar   
May 2001 Lynx   
Notes: Toenail Love
Artist: Ohio Express
Song / Music: Chewy Chewy   
Mar 2001 Impulse Artist: The Undertones
Song / Music: Here Comes The Summer   
Feb 2001 Lynx
Notes: Cavewomen advert
Artist: Juan Garcia Esquival
Song / Music: Mini skirt   
Nov 2000 Persil Artist: Tim Whitnall
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 2000 Dove Artist: Enn Reitel
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 1999 Impulse Artist: CJ Bolland
Song / Music: Sugar Is Sweeter   
Sep 1999 Comfort Easy Iron Artist: Bananarama and Fun Boy Three
Song / Music: It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It   
May 1999 Lynx   
Notes: Pied Piper
Artist: Bentley Rhythm Ace
Song / Music: Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out   
Apr 1999 Persil Colour Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 1999 Persil Non Bio Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Impulse Artist: Shocking Blue
Song / Music: Venus   
Jan 1999 Comfort Silk Artist: Nina Simone
Song / Music: Feeling Good   
Jan 1999 Vaseline Intensive Care Artist: Ruth Etting
Song / Music: Button Up Your Overcoat   
Jan 1999 Impulse Artist: Rick Nelson
Song / Music: Hello Mary Lou
Jan 1999 Impulse Artist: Bad Company
Song / Music: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
Jan 1999 Comfort Artist: Buddy Holly
Song / Music: Words Of Love   
Jan 1999 Impulse Artist: Diana Ross and the Supremes
Song / Music: The Happening   
Jan 1999 Impulse Artist: Peggy Lee
Song / Music: Free Spirit
May 1998 Impulse
Notes: Men Can't Help Acting on Impulse
Artist: Quentin Crisp
Notes: Brief appearance in the background
Artist: Space
Song / Music: Female of the Species   
1998 Lynx Artist: Shend
Notes: Appearance
1998 Lynx
Notes: First girl in the lift
Artist: Lisa Snowdon
Notes: Appearance
Oct 1997 Impulse Spice Fragrance   
Notes: Wear Nothing But....
Artist: The Spice Girls
Notes: Appearance
Artist: The Spice Girls
Song / Music: Spice Up Your Life   
Jul 1997 Comfort Silk Artist: Nina Simone
Song / Music: If You Knew   
Jul 1997 Comfort Artist: The Hollies
Song / Music: The Air That I Breathe   
Jul 1997 Vaseline Intensive Care Anti-Perspirant Artist: Vinnie Jones
Notes: Appearance
Jun 1997 Lynx Inca Artist: Apache Indian
Song / Music: Boom Shack-A-Lak   
May 1997 Persil Artist: Hugh Laurie
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Surf    Artist: Pauline Quirke
Notes: Appearance
1996 Persil Artist: Mariella Frostrup
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Surf Artist: Linda Robson
Notes: Appearance
1996 Persil Automatic Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Persil Washing Up Liquid Artist: James Nesbitt
Notes: Appearance
1996 Lynx Artist: Jennifer Aniston
Notes: Appearance
1996 Lynx Inca Artist: Tommy Vance
Notes: Voice-over
1994 Persil Washing Up Liquid   
Notes: Grips Grease For Good
Artist: Robbie Coltrane
Notes: Appearance
1985 Persil New Generation   
Notes: Performs Brilliantly
Artist: Linford Christie
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Vangelis
Song / Music: Chariots Of Fire   
1981 Persil Automatic
Notes: Everyday
Artist: Buddy Holly
Song / Music: Everyday   
1980s Jif Cream   
Notes: Tough Cleaning With More Care
Artist: Andy Kim
Song / Music: Rock Me Gently (Parody) (Commissioned track)
1960s Lux Soap    Artist: Sandie Shaw
Notes: Appearance
1955 Gibbs SR Toothpaste   
Notes: It’s Tingling Fresh! It’s Fresh as Ice! - The first ever TV advert!
Artist: Alex Macintosh
Notes: Voice-over

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