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May 2010 Clio   
Notes: The Only One
Artist: Chesney Hawkes
Song / Music: The One And Only   
Jan 2010 Twingo Sport   
Notes: Modern Times - Drag Queen
Artist: Sporto Kantes
Song / Music: Whistle   
Artist: Oliver Farnworth
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2009 Twingo Sport   
Notes: Modern Times
Artist: Georgia Reece
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Zoë Grisedale
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Sporto Kantes
Song / Music: Whistle   
Aug 2009 Mégane
Notes: Everything Else is History
Artist: Caesars
Song / Music: Jerk It Out   
Mar 2009 Laguna    Artist: Eric Cantona
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2009 Megane Coupe   
Notes: Is that your Car?
Artist: Kenneth Bager
Song / Music: Fragment Eight - The Sound Of Swing      
Jan 2009 Laguna Coupe
Notes: I bought it because I like it
Artist: Kraked Unit
Song / Music: Les Poupées Russes   
Nov 2008 Megane   
Notes: It's Time To Change
Artist: Sébastien Tellier
Song / Music: Divine   
Jul 2008 Koleos   
Notes: Lots of old Renaults
Artist: Rolling Stones
Song / Music: I'm Free   
Jun 2008 Clio Sport Tourer   
Notes: Any Excuse - Painting the garage blue
Artist: The Ronettes
Song / Music: Be My Baby   
Feb 2008 Megane Sport
Notes: Parts Race
Artist: Antonio Vivaldi
Song / Music: Summer mvt 3: Presto from The Four Seasons (Commissioned track)
Feb 2008 Twingo   
Notes: Test Track - Garden Gnomes ‘cones’
Artist: April March
Song / Music: Chick Habit (Cover version)      
Nov 2006 Clio   
Notes: Clio Rs Bullet
Artist: Johann Strauss II
Song / Music: Wiener Blut, "Vienna Blood"   
Nov 2006 Scenic
Notes: Active Girl
Artist: Presidents of the USA
Song / Music: Ca Plane Pour Moi (Cover version)   
Jan 2006 Scenic
Notes: Family Pet
Artist: A Skillz & Krafty Kuts
Song / Music: Short Breath   
Jan 2006 Clio   
Notes: Britain Vs France
Artist: Annelise Hesme
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Nina Simone
Song / Music: Sinnerman   
Artist: Jeremy Sheffield
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2005 Clio 1.5 dCi
Notes: Va Va Vegas
Artist: Thierry Henry
Notes: Appearance
Artist: David Holmes
Song / Music: Vegas Baby (With Stephen Hilton) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2003 Scenic
Notes: Park The TV
Artist: Tot Taylor
Song / Music: Alexandra Sonata (Commissioned track)
Apr 2003 Laguna
Notes: Chase To Be First
Artist: Stereo Total
Song / Music: Moi Je Joue (I am playing) (Cover version)   
Mar 2003 Clio   
Notes: Cool Things
Artist: Williams Traffic
Song / Music: LA Fugitive   
Artist: Thierry Henry
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2003 Megane Artist: Groove Armada
Song / Music: I See You Baby   
Feb 2003 Espace Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song / Music: All Along the Watchtower (Cover version)
Dec 2002 Megane Artist: Steppenwolf
Song / Music: The Pusher   
Jun 2002 Clio Artist: Emmanuel Petit
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2002 Clio Artist: Thierry Henry
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2002 Scenic Artist: The Mavericks
Song / Music: Dance The Night Away (Cover version)
Mar 2002 Scenic Artist: David Bowie
Song / Music: Space Oddity (Cover version)   
Mar 2002 Scenic Artist: Baha Men
Song / Music: Who Let The Dogs Out (Cover version)   
Feb 2002 Laguna Artist: Frank Sinatra
Song / Music: Come Fly With Me   
Sep 2001 Clio   
Notes: Talking to your oven glove crocodile?
Artist: Goldfrapp
Song / Music: Va Va Voom
Jun 2001 Scenic Artist: Queen
Song / Music: Bohemian Rhapsody (Cover version)
Jun 2001 Scenic Artist: Cliff Richard
Song / Music: Summer Holiday (Cover version)
Jun 2001 Scenic Artist: Jeff Beck
Song / Music: Hi Ho Silver Lining (Cover version)
Jun 2001 Scenic Artist: Wheatus
Song / Music: Teenage Dirtbag (Cover version)
Mar 2001 Laguna Artist: Mirwais
Song / Music: Disco science   
Feb 2001 Renault
Notes: Créatuer d'automobiles advert
Artist: Etienne de Crecy
Song / Music: Unknown title
Dec 2000 Scenic Artist: Dave Brubeck
Song / Music: Unsquare Dance   
Nov 2000 Renault
Notes: Créatuer d'automobiles advert
Artist: Jean-Paul Gaultier
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2000 Clio Artist: Ben Miles
Notes: Voice-over
May 2000 Clio Artist: James Brown
Song / Music: Sex Machine   
Apr 2000 Clio Artist: Martin Taylor
Song / Music: Johnny and Mary   
Mar 2000 Clio   
Notes: Size Matters Advert
Artist: Helene Mahieu
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2000 Megane   
Notes: Stay Beautiful
Artist: Helen Baxendale
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 1999 Kangoo Artist: Moby
Song / Music: Run On   
May 1999 Clio Artist: Smith, Burrell and Tate
Song / Music: Organ Grinders Song
Apr 1999 Clio Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 1999 Clio Sport 172   
Notes: Remove Aggression Before Driving
Artist: Smith, Burrell and Tate
Song / Music: The Organ Grinder's Swing
Jul 1998 Master Artist: Jacques Offenbach
Song / Music: Orpheus in the Underworld   
Jun 1998 Clio   
Notes: Recreation of a scene from "The Graduate"
Artist: Vic Reeves
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Bob Mortimer
Notes: Appearance
Mar 1998 Kangoo Artist: Andy Kershaw
Notes: Voice-over
1998 Clio Artist: Marcus Hutton
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 1997 Clio Artist: Soul II Soul
Song / Music: Keep On Movin' (featuring Caron Wheeler)   
Jun 1997 Megane Artist: Lisa Orgolini
Notes: Appearance
Feb 1997 Scenic    Artist: Lightning Seeds
Song / Music: Marvellous   
1996 Megane   
Notes: It Talks Your Language
Artist: Tony Gardner
Notes: Appearance
1996 Laguna Artist: David Ginola
Notes: Appearance
1996 Megane Artist: David Schneider
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Clio Artist: Estelle Skornik
Notes: Nicole
1996 Megane Classic Artist: Hugh Dennis
Notes: Appearance
1996 Clio Versailles Artist: Hugh Dennis
Notes: Appearance
1993 Clio   
Notes: Skiing
Artist: Max Douchin
Notes: Papa
Artist: Sam Fonteyn
Song / Music: Pop Looks Bach (Ski Sunday)   
Artist: Estelle Skornik
Notes: Nicole

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