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Aug 2010 CoCo Pops Choc 'n' Roll   
Notes: - Race Time
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: You Spin Me Round (Commissioned track)   
Apr 2010 Special K   
Notes: Window Shopping
Artist: Joy Williams
Song / Music: Sunny Day
Artist: Signe Nordstrom
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2010 Fibre Plus Bar   
Notes: Satisfy Chocolate Cravings
Artist: Angela Griffin
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2010 Special K   
Notes: Love Your Jeans Again
Artist: Scouting For Girls
Song / Music: She's So Lovely   
Artist: Kate Groombridge
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2010 Rice Krispies Squares   
Notes: Destiny
Artist: Tom Baker
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 2010 Bran Flakes   
Notes: Breakfast Matters
Artist: Chris Hoy
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2009 Special K   
Notes: Shape Up For Summer
Artist: Laura Izibor
Song / Music: Shine   
Mar 2009 Special K - 10 Varieties   
Notes: Changes
Artist: Thea Owens
Notes: Model
Artist: Pelle Carlberg
Song / Music: Riverbank   
Jan 2009 Bran Flakes   
Notes: On Yer Bike
Artist: Chris Hoy
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Andy Dixon
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2009 Rice Krispies
Notes: Wonderfully Simple
Artist: Isabelle Bissenden
Notes: Girl in Pink
Artist: Roísín Stoneham
Notes: Girl in Blue
Dec 2008 Special K   
Notes: Stay out of Santa Shape - Happy Christmas from Special K
Artist: Lauren Graham
Notes: Appearance
Artist: John Rutter
Song / Music: Joy To The World (In the style of Handel) (Commissioned track)
Nov 2008 100 Years of Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Notes: For 10p a Bowl
Artist: Paul Reeves
Song / Music: Cafe Paris
Nov 2008 Special K
Notes: Special K & Hot Milk - Winter Warmer
Artist: Charlie Alex March
Song / Music: Francisca's Theme   
Artist: Savigne
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2008 Coco Pops   
Notes: What Goes On In That Bowl?
Artist: Terence Trent D'Arby
Song / Music: Sign Your Name (Across My Heart) (Cover version)   
Nov 2008 100 Years
Notes: Bringing Our Best To You
Artist: Paul Reeves
Song / Music: Cafe Paris (Commissioned track)
Oct 2008 Crunchy Nut   
Notes: Forecourt Snack
Artist: Robert Wilfort
Notes: Customer
Oct 2008 Coco Pops   
Notes: Coco Pops & Milk - What Goes On In That Bowl?
Artist: The Hit Crew
Song / Music: (I've Got) The Power (Cover version)
Aug 2008 Crunchy Nut
Notes: Hoody - Ludicrously Tasty
Artist: Reece Beaumont
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Amanda Rawnsley
Notes: Appearance
Aug 2008 Optivita Berry Oat Crisp   
Notes: We don't like being told what we cannot eat
Artist: Aldo Zilli
Notes: Appearance
Aug 2008 Bran Flakes
Notes: Sun rising in various locations is shown
Artist: Ian McShane
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 2008 Breakfast Cereals   
Notes: Wake up to breakfast with Kellogg's
Artist: Dame Kelly Holmes
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2008 Crunchy Nut Artist: Norman Lovett
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2008 Special K   
Notes: Summer swimsuit Challenge
Artist: Juliana Fine
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Ken Parker
Song / Music: I Can't Hide      
May 2008 Coco Pops Moons & Stars   
Notes: Space Action in that Bowl
Artist: Lipps Inc.
Song / Music: Funkytown      
May 2008 Special K Oats & Honey
Notes: Constable country with beekeeper
Artist: Cressida Wilson
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Turin Brakes
Song / Music: Fishing For A Dream      
Apr 2008 Special K Artist: The Real Tuesday Weld
Song / Music: The Show Must Go On      
Artist: Juliana Fine
Notes: Women hiding in winter clothes
Mar 2008 Special K   
Notes: Post It Notes reminders to have bowl of Special K
Artist: Connie Francis
Song / Music: Fallin'   
Feb 2008 Coco Pops
Notes: Zookeeper For A Day Offer
Artist: Jo-Anne Stockham
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Laurie Johnson
Song / Music: Las Vegas (Animal Magic Theme)   
Artist: Maximilian Brown
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2008 Corn Flakes   
Notes: Supermarket Love Story - Dom & Nic
Artist: Natalie Radmall-Quirke
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Francis Lai
Song / Music: Love Story Theme (instrumental)
Jan 2008 Crunchy Nut
Notes: Greyhound Races
Artist: Rob Leigh
Notes: Track 5 - Orange
Artist: Jenna Brook
Notes: Track 3 - White
Artist: Kaz Enomoto
Notes: Track 1 - Red
Dec 2007 Special K
Notes: Slimmer Jeans Challenge
Artist: Dave Dee Dozy Beeky Mick and Titch
Song / Music: Bend It   
Nov 2007 Special K   
Notes: Breakfast at a Hotel
Artist: Kate Groombridge
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Aretha Franklin
Song / Music: Save me      
Oct 2007 Corn flakes
Notes: Bowl Skills
Artist: Ian Wright
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2007 Special K Mini Breaks Artist: Cheap Trick
Song / Music: I Want You To Want Me   
Jul 2007 Special K Sustain    Artist: Chris Montez
Song / Music: The More I See You   
Jun 2007 Rice Krispies
Notes: Father with his two kids
Artist: Matt Selby
Notes: Father who used to be in a band
Apr 2007 Fruit 'n Fibre   
Notes: Fruit Pursuit
Artist: Boots Randolph
Song / Music: Yakety Sax   
Apr 2007 Crunchy Nut
Notes: Nutty Nation
Artist: Sir Edward Elgar
Song / Music: Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1 (Land of Hope & Glory) (Cover version)
Nov 2006 Corn Flakes with a hint of Honey
Notes: Bees Clocking In
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: You're Gonna Lose Your Gal (Instrumental - Special Adaptation to Fit) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2006 Special K Artist: Dusty Springfield
Song / Music: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself   
May 2006 Special K   
Notes: Slimmer Waist for Summer
Artist: De Phazz
Song / Music: The Mambo Craze   
Mar 2006 Special K Medley   
Notes: Switzerland - Home of Muesli
Artist: Jason Chatfield
Song / Music: Original Composition (Commissioned track)
Jan 2006 Special K Purple Berries Artist: Liverpool Express
Song / Music: It's A Beautiful Day   
Nov 2005 Nutri-Grain Bars Artist: Sally Vernon
Notes: Girl with the coconuts
Sep 2005 Nutri-Grain Bars
Notes: New Taste
Artist: Pilot
Song / Music: Magic   
Jun 2005 Bran Flakes Yoghurty   
Notes: Out-takes
Artist: William Shatner
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2005 Pop Tarts
Notes: Napster offer
Artist: Brad Williams
Song / Music: Popstrel (Commissioned track)
Jan 2005 Special K
Notes: Drop a Jeans Siue
Artist: Blondie
Song / Music: One way or another   
Nov 2004 Frosties
Notes: Football Training
Artist: Graeme Bodman
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2004 Corn Flakes Artist: Jeff Beck
Song / Music: Hi Ho Silver Lining   
Sep 2003 Crunchy Nut
Notes: Milk lorry spills its load
Artist: Nevil Michaels
Notes: Man in garage shop
Sep 2003 Banana Crunch Cornflakes
Notes: Rooster in a Limousine
Artist: Griff Rhys Jones
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 2003 All Bran   
Notes: Two Week Challenge
Artist: William Shatner
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2003 Corn Flakes
Notes: Wake Up Properly
Artist: Mint Royale
Song / Music: I Don't Know   
Mar 2003 Crunchy Nut Artist: Stuart Nurse
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2002 Fruit and Fibre Artist: Shend
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2001 Frosties Artist: Matt Monro
Song / Music: Born Free   
Jul 2001 Just Right Artist: Caroline Aherne
Notes: Voice-over
Jul 2001 Coco Pops Artist: Rupert Degas
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2001 Crunchy Nut Artist: Robin Weaver
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2001 Real Fruit Winders Artist: Lenny Henry
Notes: Voice-over
2001 Corn Flakes Artist: Jason Havord
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2000 Corn Flakes Artist: Victoria Wood
Notes: Voice-over
May 2000 Nutri-Grain
Notes: Morning show disc jockey
Artist: Barbara Durkin
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2000 Honey Loops Artist: Jonathan Kydd
Notes: Voice-over
Feb 2000 Kellogg's Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Voice-over
Feb 2000 All Bran Artist: Keith Floyd
Notes: Appearance
2000 Special K Artist: Nikki Grosse
Notes: Appearance
Sep 1999 Rice Crispies Squares Artist: Greg Edwards
Notes: Voice-over
Sep 1999 Crispix    Artist: Sue Pollard
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Paul Daniels
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Jim Bowen
Notes: Appearance
Jun 1999 Fruit 'n' Fibre Artist: Harry Belafonte
Song / Music: The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)   
Apr 1999 All Bran Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 1999 Bran Flakes Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 1999 Corn Flakes Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Special K Artist: Herman's Hermits
Song / Music: I'm Into Something Good   
Jan 1999 Frosties Artist: Survivor
Song / Music: Eye Of The Tiger   
Jan 1999 Healthwise Bran Flakes   
Notes: More Nutritious
Artist: Linford Christie
Notes: Dad in school open day race
Jan 1999 Start   
Notes: Start Comes First
Artist: Bryan Ferry
Song / Music: Let's Stick Together   
1998 Special K   
Notes: At the beach
Artist: Lisa Snowdon
Notes: Appearance
Nov 1997 Corn Flakes with "Scrunchy Bag" Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 1997 Optima Fruit 'n' Fibre Artist: Alastair McGowan
Notes: Appearance
Aug 1997 Special K Artist: Andrew Lincoln
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Frosted Wheats Artist: Hugh Laurie
Notes: Voice-over
1996 All Bran Artist: Cherry Gillespie
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Kellogg's Artist: Peter Egan
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Rice Crispies Artist: Brian Blessed
Notes: Crackle
1996 Kellogg's Artist: Jennifer Piercey
Notes: Appearance
1996 Special K
Notes: Sum Of The Parts
Artist: Peter Lawlor
Song / Music: The Sum Of The Parts (Commissioned track)
1996 Corn Flakes Artist: Ian McShane
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Kellogg's Artist: Fred Dibnah
Notes: Appearance
1996 Rice Crispies Artist: Chris Evans
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Sustain Artist: Tim Henman
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Corn Flakes Artist: Terry Wogan
Notes: Voice-over
1996 Bran Flakes
Notes: Water Pistols
Artist: Norman Greenbaum
Song / Music: Spirit In The Sky   
1996 Crunchy Nut Artist: Tony Slattery
Notes: Voice-over
1996 All Bran Plus Artist: Brian Blessed
Notes: Voice-over
1993 Corn Pops   
Notes: Just Like Crunching Popcorn
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Popcorn (Custom Version) (Commissioned track)
1991 Golden Crackles   
Notes: Autograph signing
Artist: Ian Rush
Notes: Appearance
1990 Crunchy Nut   
Notes: The Trouble Is They Taste Too Good
Artist: Gordon Kennedy
Notes: Appearance
1989 Fruit and Fibre   
Notes: The golfing couple
Artist: Ross Kemp
Notes: Appearance
1986 Start    Artist: Steve Cram
Notes: Appearance
1985 Crunchy Nut   
Notes: Breakfast at a B&B
Artist: Hugh Laurie
Notes: Appearance
1980s Bran Flakes   
Notes: This Could Catch On
Artist: Chas 'n' Dave
Song / Music: They're Tasty Tasty Very Very Tasty (Commissioned track)
Artist: Gordon Kaye
Notes: Appearance
1973 Rice Crispies   
Notes: Part Of Growing Up
Artist: Jonathan Ross
Notes: Appearance

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