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Profession: Voice-over Artist
Artist Profession Description
Jayne Dowell Voice-over Artist
Anthony Green Voice-over Artist
Louisa Gummer Voice-over Artist
Guy Harris Voice-over Artist Guy Harris is a voice-over artist based in the UK but voicing all over the world. Currently working with directors in Hollywood and in Dubai on new Movie projects. Also the voice of several characters on the next Harry Potter Lego Game for XBOX and PS3 due out in 2010.
Mitch Johnson Voice-over Artist Mitch Johnson is best known as the voice in Live and Kicking and Friends Like These
Julie Mullen Voice-over Artist
Charles Nove Voice-over Artist Charles Nove is a Scottish Voice-over Artist / Broadcaster
Tanya Rich Voice-over Artist Tanya Rich has been doing voice overs for about 15 years, plays everything from babies to witches and is one of the most used on hold voices in the UK
Laura Shavin Voice-over Artist
Ian Swann Voice-over Artist / Actor Ian Swann is a British born actor and voice-over artist
Roger Tilling Voice-over Artist Roger Tilling is a voice-over and broadcaster
Duncan Wells Voice-over Artist Duncan Wells is the voice behind many of the biggest and best known Television and Radio advertising campaigns for clients such as Singapore Airlines, The Daily Mail, Anderson Consulting, Phillips Phillishave, Bounce, Fairy Liquid, Danone, AA Vodaphone Roadwatch and Walls Viennetto to name but a few.