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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
May 2002 Company: Nike
Advert: Nike
Notes: Football on Tanker Advert
Artist: Terry Gilliam
Notes: Voice-over
Mar 2002 Company: Diageo
Advert: Guinness   
Notes: Hurling Match advert
Artist: Morgan Van Dan
Song / Music: Free In
Feb 2002 Company: Lloyds TSB
Advert: Lloyds TSB
Notes: Florist shop advert
Artist: John Thomson
Notes: Appearance
2002 Company: Honda
Advert: Honda
Notes: What If advert
Artist: Thievery Corporation
Song / Music: Vivid   
Jan 2002 Company: Sainsbury's
Advert: Sainsbury's
Notes: Low fat curry advert
Artist: Dave Set Pike
Song / Music: Mathar   
Jan 2002 Company: McDonalds
Advert: McDonalds
Notes: Christmas lights advert
Artist: Aaron Copland
Song / Music: Simple Gifts (from the ballet Appalachian Spring)   
Sep 2001 Company: Bradford and Bingley
Advert: Bradford and Bingley
Notes: Tailor's shop advert
Artist: Henry Mancini
Song / Music: Shot In The Dark   
Aug 2001 Company: Diageo
Advert: Guinness   
Notes: Dreamer advert
Artist: Lalo Schifrin
Song / Music: Summer Samba (Cover version)
Jul 2001 Company: ITV
Advert: Digital   
Notes: Advert with the monkey
Artist: Johnny Vegas
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2001 Company: Foster's
Advert: Lager
Notes: Feng Shui advert
Artist: The Karminsky Experience Inc
Song / Music: Exploration   
Jul 2001 Company: Nestle
Advert: Polo Smoothies
Notes: Pour Le Gob advert
Artist: Jonathan Ross
Notes: Voice-over
Jul 2001 Company: American Airlines
Advert: American Airlines
Notes: Seat Removal advert
Artist: Angelo Badalamenti
Song / Music: Audrey's Dance   
Jun 2001 Company: Peugeot
Advert: 206 Cabriolet
Notes: Peacock advert
Artist: Al Green
Song / Music: Simply Beautiful   
May 2001 Company: Kenco
Advert: Rappor
Notes: "No, your fat makes you look fat" advert
Artist: Stephanie Berg
Notes: Appearance
May 2001 Company: Carlsberg
Advert: Lager   
Notes: Carlsberg Bank advert
Artist: Bent
Song / Music: Private Road   
Apr 2001 Company: Diageo
Advert: Guinness
Notes: Couple spitting fire advert
Artist: Lamb
Song / Music: Gorecki   
Feb 2001 Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Advert: Lynx
Notes: Cavewomen advert
Artist: Juan Garcia Esquival
Song / Music: Mini skirt   
Feb 2001 Company: Renault
Advert: Renault
Notes: Créatuer d'automobiles advert
Artist: Etienne de Crecy
Song / Music: Unknown title
Feb 2001 Company: Grolsch
Advert: Grolsch
Notes: Porn film advert
Artist: Louise Brill
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2001 Company: McDonalds
Advert: McDonalds
Notes: Very very poor advert
Artist: Alan Hansen
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2001 Company: Tiny Computers
Advert: Tiny Computers
Notes: 20% off sale advert
Artist: Paul Mari
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2001 Company: McDonalds
Advert: McDonalds
Notes: Look back at 1989 advert
Artist: Terry Christian
Notes: Voice-over
2001 Company: Daewoo
Advert: Daewoo
Notes: Car In Halfpipe Advert
Artist: Monk and Canatella
Song / Music: Slagger
Dec 2000 Company: Orange
Advert: Orange
Notes: 'No eak in our off peak' advert
Artist: Tipsy
Song / Music: Grossenhosen   
Dec 2000 Company: GAP
Advert: GAP
Notes: Christmas 2000, Blue Lightbulb advert
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Song / Music: Boys Better   
Dec 2000 Company: Kronenbourg 1664
Advert: Kronenbourg 1664   
Notes: Femme Fatale advert
Artist: Kinobe
Song / Music: Slip Into Something More Comfortable   
Dec 2000 Company: Audi
Advert: Audi   
Notes: Phone Box advert
Artist: Des Montagu and Simon Bourcier
Song / Music: Hello Hello
Dec 2000 Company: Carlsberg
Advert: Carlsberg
Notes: Holiday advert
Artist: Spiller
Song / Music: Groovejet   
Nov 2000 Company: John West
Advert: Salmon   
Notes: Bear fighting advert
Artist: Neil Morrissey
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2000 Company: Renault
Advert: Renault
Notes: Créatuer d'automobiles advert
Artist: Jean-Paul Gaultier
Notes: Appearance
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