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Apr 2010 Company: Audi
Advert: R8 Spyder   
Notes: Beauty and the Beasts
Artist: Sam Brown
Notes: Director
Artist: Elin Manahan-Thomas
Song / Music: Handel: – Eternal Source of Light Divine   
Jan 2005 Company: Audi
Advert: A6   
Notes: Letters
Artist: Bleip
Song / Music: Audi - Letters (Commissioned track)   
May 2003 Company: Audi
Advert: A8   
Notes: 1st After 1st After 1st
Artist: Rob D
Song / Music: Clubbed To Death 2   
Sep 2002 Company: Audi
Advert: TT
Notes: Under The Influence advert
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song / Music: Purple Haze   
Jul 2002 Company: Audi
Advert: TT
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song / Music: Third Stone From The Sun   
Sep 2001 Company: Audi
Advert: Audi
Artist: Lamb
Song / Music: This Could Be Heaven   
Dec 2000 Company: Audi
Advert: Audi   
Notes: Phone Box advert
Artist: Des Montagu and Simon Bourcier
Song / Music: Hello Hello
Sep 1999 Company: Audi
Advert: TT
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Song / Music: Very Thought Of You   
Jan 1999 Company: Audi
Advert: A8
Artist: Johann Sebastian Bach
Song / Music: Brandenburg Concerto No 3 in G Major   
Jul 1998 Company: Audi
Advert: A8
Artist: Beethoven
Song / Music: Moonlight Sonata   
1996 Company: Audi
Advert: A8 Aluminum   
Notes: Audi Space Frame
Artist: Sonny Morea
Notes: Appearance
Sep 2009 Company: Dolce & Gabbana
Advert: Fragrance Anthology   
Notes: Different Colors for Different Moods
Artist: Claudia Schiffer
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2009 Company: Audi
Advert: A6   
Notes: TDi Engines
Artist: Battles
Song / Music: Race in   
Feb 2009 Company: Government
Advert: Think   
Notes: This is Real Life
Artist: Audio Bullys
Song / Music: Real Life   
Jan 2009 Company: Audi
Advert: Q5
Notes: Unboxed
Artist: Woody Guthrie
Song / Music: Riding in My Car (Car Song)      
Sep 2008 Company: Audi
Advert: Quattro   
Notes: Independent Grip, Intelligently Applied - Hands
Artist: Adam Stansill
Song / Music: Travel Through Time (Commissioned track)
May 2008 Company: Times, The
Advert: Audio Book Promotion
Notes: Free Copy of Octopussy
Artist: Erik Satie
Song / Music: Gnossienne no 1   
Artist: Edward Norton
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 2008 Company: Audi
Advert: RS6 Avant   
Notes: Gymnasts
Artist: Neil Barnes and Nick Rapaccioli
Song / Music: Untitled (Commissioned track)
Oct 2007 Company: Audi
Advert: R8   
Notes: Car being built in a white room
Artist: Simone White
Song / Music: The Beep Beep Song   
Sep 2007 Company: Sony
Advert: Blu-ray Disk HD1080
Notes: Blue Rays
Artist: Ludovico Einaudi
Song / Music: Primavera      
May 2007 Company: Audi
Advert: A5   
Notes: Rhythm of Lines
Artist: Dustin O'Halloran
Song / Music: Prelude 2 (Commissioned track)   
Dec 2006 Company: Audi
Advert: Vorsprung durch Television - on Sky 884
Notes: Fox
Artist: Pim Aldridge and John Rosheuvel
Song / Music: The Twilight Fox (Commissioned track)
Sep 2006 Company: Apple
Advert: iPod Nano   
Notes: Colour Trails
Artist: Cut Chemist
Song / Music: The Audience's Listening   
Aug 2006 Company: Audi
Advert: Q7
Notes: Different song in rest of world for the same advert
Artist: E*Vax
Song / Music: Glacier   
Jul 2005 Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Advert: Lucozade   
Notes: Zombie Shopping Centres
Artist: Audio Bullys
Song / Music: We Don't Care   
Jun 2005 Company: L'Oreal
Advert: Elnett Hairspray   
Notes: Long Lasting Hold
Artist: Claudia Schiffer
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2005 Company: Nestle
Advert: Baci Chocolate
Notes: Piano Music Sister
Artist: Ludovico Einaudi
Song / Music: Nuvole Bianche   
Jul 2004 Company: Audi
Advert: A6
Notes: Vorsprung Durch Technic (Progress Through Technology)
Artist: Tankerville
Song / Music: Entangled   
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