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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
Sep 1999 Company: Heinz
Advert: Soup   
Artist: Gary Glitter
Song / Music: I'm the Leader of the Gang (I am)
May 1999 Company: Heinz
Advert: Tomato Ketchup   
Artist: Matt LeBlanc
Notes: Appearance
Jan 1999 Company: Heinz
Advert: Weight Watchers
Artist: The Goons
Song / Music: Ying Tong Song
Jan 1999 Company: Heinz
Advert: Heinz   
Artist: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Song / Music: Inkanyezi Nezazi   
Jan 1999 Company: Heinz
Advert: Baked Beans
Artist: Chas 'n' Dave
Song / Music: Diddle' Um Song
Nov 1998 Company: Heinz
Advert: Pet Treats
Artist: Terry Wogan
Notes: Voice-over
Oct 2010 Company: Heinz
Advert: Soups
Notes: It Has To Be
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Love Me Tender (Commissioned track)   
May 2010 Company: Heinz
Advert: Food Range   
Notes: It Just Has to Be
Artist: Harry J Allstars
Song / Music: Liquidator   
Artist: David Jason
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 2008 Company: Heinz
Advert: Spread & Bake
Notes: Spread Something Good
Artist: Tim Despic
Song / Music: Spread a Little Happiness (Cover version)
Artist: Brendan Murphy
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2008 Company: Heinz
Advert: Deli Mayo   
Notes: Gay Kiss - banned then un-banned
Artist: David Charles
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Alfred Sauchelli Jr
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2008 Company: Heinz
Advert: Baked Beans Snap Pots
Artist: Anita Ward
Song / Music: Ring My Bell   
Artist: Matt Jamie
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2007 Company: Heinz
Advert: Farmers Market Soup   
Artist: Natalie Isaac
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Arthur Wood
Song / Music: Barwick Green (Theme from the Archers)   
Apr 2007 Company: Heinz
Advert: Salad Cream   
Artist: Sesame Street
Song / Music: Ladybug's Picnic
May 2006 Company: Heinz
Advert: Tomato Ketchup   
Notes: A bottle grows on a seedling
Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers
Song / Music: Suits Are Picking Up The Bill   
Jan 2005 Company: Heinz
Advert: Weightwatchers Food Range
Artist: Julie Peasgood
Notes: Appearance
Jan 2005 Company: Heinz
Advert: Tomato Ketchup
Notes: A man looks for drink in fridge, but ends up drinking Ketchup
Artist: David Bowie
Song / Music: Changes   
Dec 2002 Company: Cybiko
Advert: Cybiko
Artist: Heinz Wolff
Notes: Appearance
2000 Company: UPS
Advert: International Parcel Delivery   
Notes: Olympics Sponsorship
Artist: Karl-Heinz Klenz
Notes: Appearance
Aug 1999 Company: Fuji
Advert: Film
Artist: Heinz Wolff
Notes: Voice-over
Mar 1998 Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Advert: Macleans Toothbrush
Artist: Heinz Wolff
Notes: Voice-over

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