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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
Feb 2009 Company: Mars Inc.
Advert: Twix   
Notes: Pause More, See More
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: I Can See Clearly Now (Commissioned track)   
Nov 2008 Company: John Lewis
Advert: Christmas 2008   
Notes: If You Know the Person, You’ll Find the Present
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: From Me To You (written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney) (Commissioned track)
Jun 2007 Company: Vodafone
Advert: The internet is now mobile
Notes: Raining bits of clocks and watches
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Little April Shower   
1996 Company: Now Magazine
Advert: Now Magazine
Artist: Peter Egan
Notes: Voice-over
Oct 2010 Company: Heinz
Advert: Soups
Notes: It Has To Be
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Love Me Tender (Commissioned track)   
Sep 2010 Company: UPS
Advert: International Parcel Delivery   
Notes: We Love Logistics
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: That's Amore (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2010 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Fashion Clothes   
Notes: Autumn 2010 Collection
Artist: Lisa Snowdon
Notes: Appearance
Aug 2010 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: CoCo Pops Choc 'n' Roll   
Notes: - Race Time
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: You Spin Me Round (Commissioned track)   
Jul 2010 Company: Cashcade Limited
Advert: Foxy Bingo   
Notes: Foxy Fridays 10pm Game
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: The One that You Want (Commissioned track)
Jul 2010 Company: McDonalds
Advert: Limited Edition Cornetto McFlurrys   
Notes: Ice Cream Van
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: 'O Sole Mio (Special Orchestral Version) (Commissioned track)
Apr 2010 Company: Kraft Foods UK Ltd
Advert: Belvita   
Notes: Designed for Breakfast
Artist: Lisa Snowdon
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2010 Company: John Lewis
Advert: John Lewis
Notes: Never Knowingly Undersold
Artist: Fyfe Dangerfield
Song / Music: She's Always A Woman
Apr 2010 Company: Cadbury
Advert: Chocolate   
Notes: Charmer
Artist: The Charlatans
Song / Music: The Only One I Know   
Mar 2010 Company: KFC
Advert: Krushems   
Notes: Full Of Real Bitz
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Commissioned track)   
Mar 2010 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Fashion Clothes   
Notes: Spring 2010 Collection
Artist: Lisa Snowdon
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2009 Company: Everest
Advert: Double Glazing, Kitchens & Conservatories   
Notes: Bet You Didn't Know
Artist: Craig Doyle
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2009 Company: Knowledge & Merchandising Inc. Ltd
Advert: King of Shaves Azor Razor   
Notes: Shaveolution
Artist: Mat Le Star vs MC Strategy
Song / Music: Lust and Charm
Sep 2009 Company: Young's
Advert: Frozen Fish
Notes: Naturally Delicious
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: When the Boat Comes In - Theme
Sep 2009 Company: WHSmith
Advert: Newsagent Bookstore   
Notes: Now, Where Was I? - Smashing Prices
Artist: Terry Wogan
Notes: Voice-over
Sep 2009 Company: BSkyB
Advert: Knowledge Pack
Notes: Oxford Museum of Natural History
Artist: Sarah Beynon
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2009 Company: Asda
Advert: Price Check   
Notes: 3259 Products Cheaper
Artist: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Hoyt Curtin
Song / Music: Top Cat Theme (also known as Boss Cat) (Commissioned track)
Jun 2009 Company: Autoglass
Advert: Windscreen Repair or Replace   
Notes: Pothole
Artist: Gavin Jenks
Notes: Known as AutoGav
Jun 2009 Company: Tesco
Advert: Wine Offer
Notes: Now That's Vintage Tesco
Artist: Graham Norton
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2009 Company: Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Advert: Evergreen Mow it Less   
Notes: Less Time Cutting
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Daydream Believer Instrumental Arrangement (Commissioned track)
May 2009 Company: Cadbury
Advert: Clusters   
Notes: How Wonderfully Odd
Artist: Sammy Cahn
Song / Music: Let It Snow! (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2009 Company: Aviva plc
Advert: Norwich Union Name Change   
Notes: Built Around You
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Song / Music: The Pills Won't Help You Now   
Mar 2009 Company: Apple
Advert: iPod Touch 2G   
Notes: More Fun
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Song / Music: No You Girls Never Know   
Mar 2009 Company: Sunday Times, The
Advert: Style Magazine   
Notes: Fashion Special
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Anything You Can Do (Special Version) (Commissioned track)
Feb 2009 Company: BSkyB
Advert: Sky+ HD   
Notes: Now It's For Everyone
Artist: Bloc Party
Song / Music: SRXT   
Feb 2009 Company: Peugeot
Advert: 207 Verve   
Notes: Same Time Tomorrow ?
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Suspicious Minds (Cover version)
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