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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
May 2008 Company: Orange
Advert: Pay As You Go   
Notes: Orange ballons at railway station
Artist: Born Ruffians
Song / Music: Hummingbird   
Feb 2007 Company: Orange
Advert: Communication Services   
Notes: Street Cleaner Renato
Artist: Antonio Pinto
Song / Music: Sorriso Laranja (Smile Orange) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2005 Company: Hutchison 3G UK
Advert: Orange 3G Video Phones   
Notes: Orange executives persuade Elton John to be the 'face' of Orange 3G
Artist: Elton John
Song / Music: Turn The Lights Out When You Leave      
Artist: Elton John
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2004 Company: Orange
Advert: Communication Services
Notes: Orange Try
Artist: Air
Song / Music: Alpha Beta Gaga      
Mar 2010 Company: Orange
Advert: Dolphin - Free Mobile Internet   
Notes: Supermarket
Artist: Frederic Chopin
Song / Music: Nocturne No.2 in E-Flat Major, Op.9   
Artist: Charlie Clements
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2009 Company: Procter & Gamble
Advert: Hugo Boss Fragrances For Men   
Notes: Boss Black - Hugo - Boss Orange
Artist: Rob Dougan
Song / Music: Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix)   
Jul 2009 Company: Procter & Gamble
Advert: Boss Orange Fragrance   
Notes: Passion
Artist: Sienna Miller
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Hotrats
Song / Music: Drive My Car (Cover version)   
Feb 2009 Company: Orange
Advert: 241 Cinema Tickets   
Notes: The Wicked Witch Of The West
Artist: Catherine Steadman
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Rachael Edwards
Notes: Appearance
Feb 2009 Company: Orange
Advert: Pizza Express promotion   
Notes: 2-for-1 Wednesday Cinema Ticket Offer
Artist: James Corden
Notes: Voice-over
Aug 2008 Company: Orange
Advert: I Am Who I Am   
Artist: Steve Reich
Song / Music: Music for 18 Musicians
Artist: Mark Beaumont
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2008 Company: Procter & Gamble
Advert: Fairy Dishwasher Sachets   
Notes: No Orange in the Tupperware
Artist: Ainsley Harriott
Notes: Voice-over
Artist: Gert Wilden
Song / Music: Crafty Party
May 2008 Company: Orange
Advert: Film Board
Notes: The Film Pitch
Artist: Rob Lowe
Notes: An actor pitching a film idea
Mar 2008 Company: Orange
Advert: Communication Services
Notes: Animals Return
Artist: Simple Kid
Song / Music: Lil' King Kong   
Feb 2008 Company: Tropicana
Advert: Pure Orange Juice
Notes: Wake up with Tropicana
Artist: Judy Garland
Song / Music: Good Morning   
Jan 2008 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Crunchy Nut
Notes: Greyhound Races
Artist: Rob Leigh
Notes: Track 5 - Orange
Nov 2007 Company: Kraft Foods UK Ltd
Advert: Terry's Chocolate Orange   
Notes: Office Countdown
Artist: Joe Cornish
Notes: Voice-over
Artist: Alan Hawkshaw
Song / Music: Countdown Clock
Artist: Louisa Clein
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2007 Company: Orange
Advert: Gigs and Tours
Notes: Pop Up Music Event
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: I Like Music (Commissioned track)
Jun 2007 Company: Robinsons
Advert: Smooth Juice Orange
Notes: Pour
Artist: Mighty K
Song / Music: Dream   
Artist: Richard Briers
Notes: Voice-over
Apr 2007 Company: Orange
Advert: Communication Services
Notes: People are Good Together
Artist: Devendra Banhart
Song / Music: Little Yellow Spider   
Nov 2006 Company: Orange
Advert: Togetherness   
Notes: Little White Toy
Artist: Laurel & Hardy
Song / Music: Let Me Call You Sweetheart   
Oct 2006 Company: Orange
Advert: Pay As You Go - Magic Numbers
Notes: Rainbows
Artist: Nat Baldwin
Song / Music: Only In My Dreams   
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