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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
Apr 2006 Company: Motorola
Advert: SLVR Mobile Phone
Notes: Futuristic Art
Artist: Viva Voce
Song / Music: Lesson No.1   
Apr 2006 Company: Carphone Warehouse
Advert: Talk Talk Free Broadband   
Notes: People form images viewed from above
Artist: Hayley J Sanderson
Song / Music: Something In The Air (Commissioned track)   
Feb 2006 Company: Nokia
Advert: L'Amour mobile phone   
Notes: Wall painting
Artist: DJ Sayem
Song / Music: World of Flowers (Commissioned track)
Jan 2006 Company: Motorola
Advert: KRZR Mobile Phone   
Notes: Reflective
Artist: Iva Frühlingová
Notes: Appearance
Artist: The Icicles
Song / Music: Sugar Sweet   
Dec 2005 Company: Carphone Warehouse
Advert: Carphone Warehouse
Notes: Motorola C139 on Orange offer
Artist: Ardal O'Hanlon
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2005 Company: Sony Ericsson
Advert: Walkman Phones
Notes: Cop Chase
Artist: The Clash
Song / Music: I Fought The Law   
Mar 2005 Company: Hutchison 3G UK
Advert: Orange 3G Video Phones   
Notes: Orange executives persuade Elton John to be the 'face' of Orange 3G
Artist: Elton John
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Elton John
Song / Music: Turn The Lights Out When You Leave      
Dec 2004 Company: LG Electronics
Advert: Mobile Phones
Artist: 7 Hurtz
Song / Music: 3 Sisters      
Oct 2004 Company: Hutchison 3G UK
Advert: Mobile Phone Network   
Notes: Singing Cherry
Artist: Chicago
Song / Music: If You Leave Me Now   
Nov 2003 Company: Phones 4 U
Advert: Virgin Mobile & Motorola V150
Notes: VW Camper
Artist: Flight of the Conchords
Notes: Appearance
Oct 2003 Company: Hutchison 3G UK
Advert: Video Mobile Phones
Artist: T.Rex
Song / Music: Children Of The Revolution   
Jul 2003 Company: Nokia
Advert: 3330 Music Phone
Notes: Rock Star Roadie
Artist: A
Song / Music: Good Time
Feb 2003 Company: Motorola
Advert: T170 Mobile Phone
Notes: Games on Bus Journey
Artist: Brassy
Song / Music: Play Some D   
2002 Company: Carphone Warehouse
Advert: Carphone Warehouse
Artist: Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners
Song / Music: If I Could Choose   
Oct 2001 Company: Argos
Advert: Argos
Artist: Meri Wilson
Song / Music: Telephone Man   
Sep 2001 Company: Vodafone
Advert: Mobile Phone Network   
Notes: How are you?
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Song / Music: Bohemian Like You   
Dec 2000 Company: Audi
Advert: Audi   
Notes: Phone Box advert
Artist: Des Montagu and Simon Bourcier
Song / Music: Hello Hello
Dec 2000 Company: Orange
Advert: WAP Phone
Artist: Terry Devine King
Song / Music: Hold Up
Sep 2000 Company: Motorola
Advert: Mobile Phones
Artist: Psycho Cowboys
Song / Music: Come On Baby
Jun 2000 Company: Line One
Advert: Mobile Phone Service
Artist: Malcolm McDowell
Notes: Appearance
2000 Company: Nokia
Advert: Worldphones
Artist: Duncan Wells
Notes: Voice-over
May 1999 Company: Motorola
Advert: Wings Mobile Phone
Artist: Stephen Tompkinson
Notes: Voice-over
Jan 1999 Company: Mercury
Advert: One 2 One   
Notes: Pay As You Go
Artist: Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Song / Music: Telephone And Rubber Band   
Jan 1999 Company: Sony
Advert: Mobile Phones
Artist: Tom Jones
Song / Music: It's Not Unusual   
Jan 1999 Company: British Telecom
Advert: Payphones
Artist: Dave Stewart
Song / Music: Secret
1998 Company: Britvic
Advert: Tango   
Notes: Megaphone
Artist: James Cordon
Notes: Appearance
1996 Company: Cellnet
Advert: Mobile Phone Network   
Notes: The Net That Sets You Free
Artist: John Simm
Notes: Appearance
1988 Company: British Telecom
Advert: Pay Phones   
Notes: It's You We Answer To
Artist: Gerry and the Pacemakers
Song / Music: I Like It
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