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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
Jul 2008 Company: Samsung
Advert: Tocco Phone   
Notes: Connected to the Olympic Spirit
Artist: Matt Meils
Song / Music: Samsung Symphony (Commissioned track)
May 2010 Company: Samsung
Advert: 3D Television   
Notes: New Dimension
Artist: Morgan Van Dam
Song / Music: Trickle (Commissioned track)
Feb 2010 Company: Samsung
Advert: Jet Phone   
Notes: Winter Games
Artist: Deadmau5
Song / Music: Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)   
Nov 2009 Company: Samsung
Advert: 2View Dual LCD Cameras   
Notes: Relay Chase
Artist: Gloria Cycles
Song / Music: Wonderbus
Oct 2009 Company: Samsung
Advert: LED Televisions - Series 7   
Notes: Open Up to Next Generation
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Song / Music: I'm Beginning To See The Light   
Jul 2009 Company: Samsung
Advert: Jet Phone   
Notes: Impatience Is A Virtue
Artist: James McAvoy
Notes: Voice-over
Artist: The Mae Shi
Song / Music: Lamb & Lion   
Jun 2009 Company: Phones 4 U
Advert: Samsung S5600 + Memory Card Offer   
Notes: Great Deals 4 Popular People
Artist: Luke Roberts
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Arron Sparks ('AZA')
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2009 Company: Samsung
Advert: Tocco Ultra Edition   
Notes: Follow the Light
Artist: Juvelen
Song / Music: They Don't Love You   
Nov 2008 Company: Samsung
Advert: Pixon Phone   
Notes: Capture the Unexpected
Artist: Santogold
Song / Music: Say Aha      
Jun 2008 Company: Samsung
Advert: NV Cameras   
Notes: Captured
Artist: Scelia Nyquist
Song / Music: Original Composition (Commissioned track)
May 2008 Company: Samsung
Advert: Soul Mobile Phone   
Notes: Magical Touch
Artist: Robin Thicke
Notes: Magic
May 2008 Company: Samsung
Advert: Series 6 Television   
Notes: Photographic Studio
Artist: Nicolas Anelka
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Donna Air
Notes: Photographer
Artist: Michael Essien
Notes: Appearance
Artist: John Terry
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Petr Cech
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2007 Company: Samsung
Advert: G800 Phone
Notes: Heart
Artist: The Maccabees
Song / Music: Toothpaste Kisses   
Jun 2006 Company: Samsung
Advert: E900
Notes: Seamless Beauty
Artist: Tam Nightingale
Song / Music: Sirens (With Paul Clarke) (Commissioned track)

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