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On Air Company / Advert Type Artist / Details
1982 Company: Birds Eye
Advert: Steakhouse Grills   
Notes: What Will You Give Your Old Man?
Artist: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Song / Music: Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Parody) (Commissioned track)
Sep 2010 Company: Sun, The
Advert: Buzz Magazine
Notes: What is Buzz?
Artist: Denise van Outen
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Bruce Forsythe
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Louie Spence
Notes: Appearance
May 2010 Company: NSPCC
Advert: Gifts in Wills   
Notes: What Will We Leave?
Artist: Elizabeth Mitchell
Song / Music: You Are My Sunshine (Cover version)   
Apr 2010 Company: Unilever (Food and Beverages)
Advert: Wall's Cornetto Enigma   
Notes: Reveal What's Inside
Artist: Hannah Tointon
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2010 Company: Times, The
Advert: Budget Special   
Notes: Economic and Fiscal Strategy Report
Artist: The Flying Lizards
Song / Music: Money (That's What I Want)   
Feb 2010 Company: Land Rover
Advert: Discovery 4
Notes: Whatever the Background
Artist: Dan Peppe & Jon Collyer
Song / Music: Hand (Commissioned track)
Oct 2009 Company: BlackBerry
Advert: Smartphone   
Notes: Love What You Do
Artist: Daytona Lights
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Grayson Matthews Music
Song / Music: All You Need Is Love (Commissioned track)
May 2009 Company: DSG Retail LTD
Advert: PC World
Notes: Whatever Your World
Artist: Alex Avery
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Christian Slater
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2009 Company: McDonalds
Advert: Chicken Legend with Bacon
Notes: That's what makes McDonalds
Artist: Roger Miller
Song / Music: King of the Road (instrumental) (Commissioned track)
Mar 2009 Company: Dreams
Advert: Bed Superstore
Notes: Half Price or Less
Artist: The Dells
Song / Music: Oh What a Night   
Jan 2009 Company: Gala Bingo
Advert: Online Bingo   
Notes: Money Geyser
Artist: Barrett Strong
Song / Music: Money (That's What I Want) (Cover version)      
Dec 2008 Company: Teenage Cancer Trust
Advert: Do What I Say
Notes: Be a Gooner, Be a Giver - Arsenal Football Club
Artist: Cesc Fàbregas
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Arsenal Football Team
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Matt Lucas
Notes: Voice-over
Nov 2008 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Coco Pops   
Notes: What Goes On In That Bowl?
Artist: Terence Trent D'Arby
Song / Music: Sign Your Name (Across My Heart) (Cover version)   
Oct 2008 Company: Kellogg's
Advert: Coco Pops   
Notes: Coco Pops & Milk - What Goes On In That Bowl?
Artist: The Hit Crew
Song / Music: (I've Got) The Power (Cover version)
Oct 2008 Company: B&Q
Advert: Kitchens
Notes: 5 Years Free Credit and 40% Discount
Artist: Bananarama and Fun Boy Three
Song / Music: It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It (Cover version)      
Sep 2008 Company: Aviva plc
Advert: Norwich Union   
Notes: What About Keith?
Artist: Brian Hibbard
Notes: Ticket Inspector
Sep 2008 Company:
Advert: Whatever You Want
Notes: Marcus's Gangsta Party
Artist: Max Gill
Notes: Marcus
Artist: Normski
Notes: Fresno - Party Planner
Aug 2008 Company: Reckitt Benckiser
Advert: Veet Cream   
Notes: What Beauty Feels like
Artist: Yellow Boat Music
Song / Music: Original Composition (Commissioned track)
Aug 2008 Company:
Advert: Whatever You Want
Notes: Harlem Gangsta Bloc Party
Artist: Normski
Notes: Fresno - Party Planner
Artist: Max Gill
Notes: Marcus
Aug 2008 Company: Homebase
Advert: Sofa - Buy One, Get One Free
Notes: Make a House a Home -
Artist: The Zutons
Song / Music: What's your problem      
Aug 2008 Company:
Advert: Whatever You Want
Notes: Party Planner No.1 - Harlemshire
Artist: Max Gill
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Normski
Notes: Fresno - Party Planner
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