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Aug 2006 Company: Coca-Cola
Advert: Official FIFA World Cup Sponsor
Artist: Limbo
Song / Music: Canon in D (Cover version)
Jul 2006 Company: Innocent Drinks
Advert: Smoothie   
Notes: How To Make An Innocent Smoothie
Artist: World Standard
Song / Music: The Coo Coo Bird (Cover version)   
Jun 2006 Company: McDonalds
Advert: Bigger Big Mac
Notes: World Cup Sponsorship - I'm lovin' It
Artist: Andy Gray
Notes: Voice-over
May 2006 Company: HSBC
Advert: Online Saver
Notes: The World's Local Bank - Scuba
Artist: Gary Miller
Song / Music: Aqua Marina
May 2006 Company: Ford
Advert: S-Max 7 Seater   
Notes: Handle opens door into another world
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Song / Music: Shake Break Bounce   
Mar 2006 Company: Polaris World
Advert: Golf Resorts   
Notes: Maybe Tomorrow Jack
Artist: Jack Nicholas
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2006 Company: T-Mobile
Advert: Flext tariff   
Notes: Flexible World
Artist: Vashti Bunyan
Song / Music: Diamond Day   
Feb 2006 Company: Sunday Times, The
Advert: Free Donnie Darko Director's Cut DVD
Artist: Michael Andrews
Song / Music: Mad World (Feat. Gary Jules)   
Feb 2006 Company: Peugeot
Advert: 206
Notes: Loved The World Over
Artist: Dean Martin
Song / Music: Powder Your Face With Sunshine   
Feb 2006 Company: Nokia
Advert: L'Amour mobile phone   
Notes: Wall painting
Artist: DJ Sayem
Song / Music: World of Flowers (Commissioned track)
Nov 2005 Company: Waterers
Advert: Dobbies Garden World   
Notes: Christmas Range
Artist: Raveonettes
Song / Music: The Christmas Song   
Jun 2005 Company: National Lottery
Advert: Lucky Lotto   
Notes: Think Positive
Artist: Jimmy Cliff
Song / Music: Wonderful World, Beautiful People   
Apr 2005 Company: Unilever (Home and Personal Care)
Advert: Cif Bathroom Spray   
Notes: The Perfect Cleaner For An Imperfect World
Artist: Unknown
Song / Music: Who Let The Dogs Out (Special Version)
Apr 2005 Company: Waterers
Advert: Dobbies Garden World
Artist: The Charlatans
Song / Music: Try Again Today   
Sep 2004 Company: KFC
Advert: Blockbuster Bucket
Artist: Skeeter Davis
Song / Music: End Of The World      
Apr 2004 Company: HSBC
Advert: World’s Local Bank
Notes: Gesture
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song / Music: Easy Rider   
Mar 2004 Company:
Advert: Online Travel Agent
Notes: Hello Whicker
Artist: Laurie Johnson
Song / Music: Theme from Whicker's World
Sep 2003 Company: Redrow Homes
Advert: Redrow Homes
Artist: Louis Armstrong
Song / Music: What A Wonderful World   
Sep 2003 Company: Simple
Advert: Regeneration Moisturiser.
Notes: Sun Protection
Artist: Goldlust
Song / Music: The World Is Our Own (ambient remix)
Nov 2002 Advert: Best Air Guitar Album in the World II Artist: Nigel Planer
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Patrick Moore
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Tommy Vance
Notes: Voice-over
Jul 2002 Company: Citroen
Advert: C8
Artist: Joey Ramone
Song / Music: What A Wonderful World
Jul 2002 Company: Sun, The
Advert: Banzai/World Cup Campaign
Artist: Rio Ferdinand
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2002 Company: Sun, The
Advert: Banzai / World Cup Campaign
Artist: Burt Kwouk
Notes: Voice-over
Jul 2002 Company: Sun, The
Advert: Banzai/World Cup Campaign
Artist: Eiji Kusuhara
Notes: Voice-over
Jun 2002 Company: Peugeot
Advert: 307SW   
Notes: See the World in a Different Light
Artist: Telepopmusik
Song / Music: Breathe   
Jun 2002 Company: MasterCard
Advert: World Cup Competition
Artist: Mr Scruff
Song / Music: Get A Move On   
Dec 2001 Advert: The Best Air Guitar Album In The World Ever Artist: Rick Parfitt
Notes: Appearance
Artist: Tommy Vance
Notes: Voice-over
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