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From a few years ago...


Size: 202KB, 19s
Format: 168x116, Stereo
Free Your Arms - "Chain"


Size: 202KB, 20s
Format: 168x120, Stereo
Free Your Arms - "Saw"


Size: 200KB, 20s
Format: 172x120, Stereo
Free Your Arms - "Water"


Size: 202KB, 19s
Format: 172x124, Stereo
Free Your Arms - "Wrestler"


Size: 607KB, 1.02.6s
Format: 176x112, Stereo
"Ice Cream"

British Telecom

Size: 505KB, 51.7s
Format: 176x144, Mono
"Ology" featuring Maureen Lipman

Smirnoff Red

Size: 620KB, 1.02.0s
Format: 176x144, Stereo


Size: 260KB, 1.02.0s
Format: 176x144, Stereo
Horses and surfers


Size: 401KB, 41.7s
Format: 176x116, Stereo
Snail racing

Bacardi Breezer

Size: 406KB, 41.7s
Format: 176x112, Stereo
"Tom, have you been out chasing birds again?"

John West Salmon

Size: 298KB, 31.0s
Format: 176x112, Mono
Stealing from a bear!

King Pot Noodle

Size: 300KB, 30.1s
Format: 176x110, Stereo
Blame it on Big Dave

The Lynx Effect (Lynx Razor)

Size: 399KB, 41.7s
Format: 176x120, Stereo
A shave too close?


Size: 293KB, 30.1s
Format: 176x120, Stereo
A trip to the dentist (for two)


Size: 299KB, 30.1s
Format: 176x120, Stereo
A bad case of being locked out


Size: 601KB, 1.00.3s
Format: 176x92, Stereo
The Nike team steal a football

Sure For Men (Contains mild nudity!)

Size: 866KB, 1.28.2s
Format: 300x180, Stereo
Original version, un-censored and never televised.

Sure for Men (Contains the F word!)

Size: 120KB, 12.0s
Format: 300x180, Mono
Out-take from the Sure for Men advert.


Size: 244KB, 22.4s
Format: 176x124, Mono
The ferret is being chastised


Size: 384KB, 37.9s
Format: 176x124, Mono
Featuring Stephen Hawking


Size: 396KB, 41.3s
Format: 176x144, Mono
Tango Megaphone featuring Jim and Kate

Rolo Cookies

Size: 224KB, 20.6s
Format: 176x124, Mono
Skippy gets the hump

Size: 611KB, 60.3s
Format: 168x104, Stereo
Two young people breathing in and out


Size: 206KB, 20.8s
Format: 176x144, Stereo
"The Shinning"

Sisters of Murphy's (Part 1)

Size: 202KB, 20.6s
Format: 176x144, Mono
Chandelier falling from the sky

Natwest Internet Banking (Animated)

Size: 426KB, 41.7s
Format: 168x104, Stereo
Featuring "Hang Up Your Hang Ups" by Herbie Hancock

Lilt Ladies V Weathermen

Size: 351KB, 31s
Format: 176x144, Mono
Featuring Bill Gyles and Ian McCaskill

The Lynx Effect

Size: 405KB, 41.7s
Format: 176x144, Stereo
A man's idea of the ideal woman?

Toyota Yaris

Size: 314KB, 31s
Format: 176x108, Stereo
Lots of strong bubbles

Natwest (Animated)

Size: 433KB, 41.7s
Format: 176x144, Stereo
Featuring "The Self Preservation Society"

Sisters of Murphy's (Part 2)

Size: 236KB, 20.8s
Format: 176x144, Stereo
Opera singer

Heinz Salad Cream

Size: 324KB, 31s
Format: 176x144, Mono
Pizza in Bed advert

Going even further back in time...

K-Tel/Useless Product Mega-Mix

Size: 390KB, 37.9s
Format: 176x144, Mono
A collection of adverts for useless products

Olympus Trip

Size: 390KB, 39.6s
Format: 176x144, Mono
Featuring David Bailey and Phil Daniels


Size: 285KB, 29.3s
Format: 176x144, Mono
The Whole Picture advert

Hamlet Cigars

Size: 489KB, 44.8s
Format: 176x144, Mono
The Baldy Man (Gregor Fisher) in a photo booth