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Adverts with Video Clips
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Champion Fragrance
Video:    Views:  76
Company:Procter & Gamble
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light
Notes:Send Us Your Swish
Video:    Views:  265
On Air:Jun 2009
Advert:Crisps & Snack Food
Notes:Gary's Great Trips
Video:    Views:  72
Company:Lloyds TSB
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Bank Managers
Notes:Come In And Talk
Video:    Views:  499
Company:Sun, The
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Camping and Caravanning
Notes:From Only £1 a Night
Video:    Views:  56
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive
Notes:Recycle Energy
Video:    Views:  162
Company:Procter & Gamble
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:Gillette Fusion Razor
Notes:Even On Sensitive Skin
Video:    Views:  133
Company:Premier Inn
On Air:May 2010
Advert:Rooms from £29 a Night
Notes:Make The Most of the weekend
Video:    Views:  82
Company:Marks & Spencer
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:Dine In For £10
Notes:Because it’s Only a Tenner
Video:    Views:  261
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:100% Britsh Beefburgers
Notes:Don't Just Eat Food, Taste It
Video:    Views:  272
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Fresh Produce
Notes:Summer Vegetables for £1 a Pack
Video:    Views:  179
Company:TGA Electric Leisure
On Air:Aug 2010
Advert:Mobility Scooters
Notes:Knock Out
Video:    Views:  45
On Air:1999
Advert:Breakfast Menu
Video:    Views:  126
Company:Perfetti Van Melle
On Air:1993
Notes:Too Juicy By Far
Video:    Views:  31
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:Sky Sports
Notes:No Compromise
Video:    Views:  92
Company:British Telecom
On Air:Jun 2010
Advert:LandLine Telephone
Video:    Views:  130
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Notes:Spiffing Ginger Beer, Only for Grown Ups
Video:    Views:  105
Company:Sun, The
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:UK Attractions - 2 for 1 entry offer
Notes:Seize the Summer
Video:    Views:  49
Company:Procter & Gamble
On Air:Jun 2010
Advert:Oil of Olay Skincare
Notes:Half Price at Sainsbury's
Video:    Views:  77
Company:Direct Line
On Air:Jul 2010
Advert:Car Insurance
Notes:No Claims Discount Covered
Video:    Views:  294
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