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Adverts with Video Clips
On Air:Sep 2008
Advert:New Discounts at Tesco
Notes:Filmed at Tesco Extra Gallions Reach Shopping Park Beckton London
Video:    Views:  237
Company:Dairy Crest
On Air:Sep 2008
Advert:Country Life Butter
Notes:Johnny Says Country Life Tastes the Best
Video:    Views:  63
Company:Sun, The
On Air:Aug 2008
Advert:Now Only 30p
Notes:Football Deluge
Video:    Views:  41
Company:Sun, The
On Air:Oct 2008
Advert:Reduced Price Offer - 30p
Notes:A Couple in a Park Unfold their Sun Paper into a Giant Sheet
Video:    Views:  80
On Air:Oct 2008
Advert:BRAVIA Full HD LCD Televisions
Notes:Special footage not in 'Quantum of Solace' Film
Video:    Views:  74
On Air:Oct 2008
Advert:Book Offers
Notes:Cheeky Paul Half Price at WH Smith
Video:    Views:  61
On Air:Sep 2008
Advert:Sky+ HD
Notes:Delivers up to 4 times more picture detail
Video:    Views:  93
Company:Zurich Financial Services
On Air:Sep 2008
Notes:Series of adverts with the tag line: Because change happenz
Video:    Views:  126
On Air:Aug 2007
Advert:9-3 SportCombi
Video:    Views:  22
Company:Clarks Shoes
On Air:Oct 2007
Advert:Flexible Soles
Notes:Street Dancer
Video:    Views:  60
Company:Hutchison 3G UK
On Air:Mar 2005
Advert:Orange 3G Video Phones
Notes:Orange executives persuade Elton John to be the 'face' of Orange 3G
Video:    Views:  59
On Air:May 2005
Advert:Stella Artois
Notes:Ice Skating Priests
Video:    Views:  64
On Air:Sep 2008
Notes:Disco Diva Robot - Alive with Technology
Video:    Views:  443
On Air:Aug 2008
Advert:Take It All On
Notes:A man runs through a forrest and vast snow covered landscape
Video:    Views:  53
On Air:Jun 2008
Advert:Passat CC
Notes:If Only Life Were So Streamlined
Video:    Views:  95
Company:Beaute Prestige International
On Air:Sep 2008
Advert:Jean-Paul Gaultier
Notes:Ma Dame fragrance
Video:    Views:  75
On Air:Sep 2007
Advert:Moon Washing Machines
Notes:Man and Machine in Harmony
Video:    Views:  31
On Air:Aug 2008
Advert:On-Line Bingo
Notes:Calling all Bingo-Heads
Video:    Views:  54
Company:American Express
On Air:Oct 2002
Advert:Tiger Goes Fishing
Video:    Views:  38
On Air:Apr 2003
Advert:Baileys Irish Cream
Notes:Let your senses guide you
Video:    Views:  76
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